CIMCO Scheduler Released

We are thrilled to announce the release of
our production scheduling solution, CIMCO Scheduler.

Today we celebrate the release of our production scheduling solution, CIMCO Scheduler, which helps customers increase the accuracy of delivery dates, identify untapped production capacity, and the optimal time for preventative maintenance.

CIMCO Scheduler main application and Operator interface running on tablet and phone.

Shop floor driven

The CIMCO Scheduler solution is composed of three main components: the planning software, the operator software and the monitoring software.

The planning software is the main application (also called CIMCO Scheduler) which provides a central digital planning board where orders can be planned out, organized and tracked in a timeline-based environment. The application includes time-saving features such as automatic rescheduling of orders, setup of order dependencies, import/export of order data and much more.

On the shop floor side of things, the status and information about an order can be viewed and controlled through CIMCO’s customizable Operator interface. This can also be used to enter downtime reasons, if a machine stop occurs, and to initiate Unplanned Maintenance – which will then reschedule the remaining part of an order and following orders.

For complete order monitoring, order data can also be visualized and aggregated in Dashboards, with performance KPIs as required, and as digital signage using CIMCO’s Live Screens and Shop Floor Screens (1).

Because CIMCO Scheduler builds on CIMCO’s foundation of software components, it is also scalable and can accommodate future needs such as adding automated machine status monitoring (which can be shown directly in the CIMCO Scheduler application) and manufacturing data collection capabilities if later required (2).

Schedule an online demonstration

If you wish to learn more about CIMCO Scheduler, then please get in contact with us today. Our engineers are ready to give online demonstrations and answer questions.

For more information:
CIMCO Scheduler product information

  1. Shop Floor Screen is an optional feature and not included by standard
  2. CIMCO Scheduler does not require machine data, but will be limited to showing order status, basic reporting, and progress as provided through the Operator interface. Displaying real-time machine status in CIMCO Scheduler or remotely, requires connections to the physical machines/equipment and an updated license.