Secure, remote access with CIMCO Cloud Link

A highly secure an easy-to-use way to remotely access the CIMCO web clients on your local server.

Establishing remote access to internet facing applications, such as the CIMCO web clients running on a local company server, always requires configuring network settings, opening ports on routers, and so forth. Although not always a complicated task, companies often have strict policies and guidelines in place to prohibit access to their network from the outside world – and for good reason.

While preventing vulnerabilities and unwanted intrusion attempts is critical, such policies have the derived consequence that remote access to web and mobile applications on the company network is also prevented. Limiting employees from accessing vital information, monitoring production, etc.

Introducing CIMCO Cloud Link

With the introduction of CIMCO Cloud Link we wish to provide a simple and highly secure way to remotely access the CIMCO web clients on your local server and in many cases the service can be used without touching your company’s network settings.

CIMCO Cloud Link consists of a cloud service and a small program referred to as the Agent. The CIMCO Cloud Agent is installed on the local company server that hosts the web clients you wish to access remotely. Once installed, a secure end-to-end encrypted connection is established between the Cloud Link Service and the Agent. Encrypted using TLS (Transport Layer Security) also publicly known for being used to secure the https protocol.

To access the web client, remote users simply browse to a specific Cloud Link web address (also referred to as the public endpoint) from where they can then securely log into the web client of their choice. All communication is tunneled securely between the Cloud Link and the Agent.

Want to know more?

While intended for the CIMCO web clients, the Cloud Link service can potentially also be used to access other local web clients and internet facing applications (IoT devices).

Introduction offer: The price for CIMCO Cloud Link is determined by the number of connections needed and for the rest of 2022 we offer a significant discount on the Unlimited Connections plan. Please note that a Web Client license is not required for each Cloud Link connection.

If you wish to learn more about CIMCO Cloud Link, then please get in contact with us today. Our engineers are always ready to give online demonstrations and answer questions.

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