New simulation kernel 100 times faster

We are delighted to announce the arrival of “Fast Version” – our new simulation kernel in CIMCO Edit 2022.

“Fast Version”, as we call it internally, is an entirely new simulation kernel implemented for CIMCO Edit 2022 – Backplot and the Machine Simulation add-on. The kernel has been built from the ground up with ultra-high performance in mind and has been designed to take full advantage of all your expensive hardware – and to reward you with all around improvements when upgrading any of your CPU, GPU or RAM.

Compared to the standard version, “Fast Version” has been proven to produce speed increases of up to 100 times faster and greater when simulating material removal, calculating the resulting stock, detecting collisions and more. That’s fast – and although some parts will calculate slower, we are still seeing an impressive speed boost on even the heaviest calculation tasks.

Enhancements in Fast Version:

  • Improved simulation of material removal using our new GPU accelerated kernel.
  • Accelerated GPU-leveraged rendering.
  • Designed for multi-threaded computation, providing improvements in all aspects from faster model loading to smoother interactions.
  • Enhanced machine collision detection using advanced techniques in geometry processing.
  • Redesigned user interface with additional functionality such as jump to start/end and zooming in/out on the toolpath position slider for precise positioning.
  • Realistic machine simulation render and new interactions such that the scene can easily be inspected from any position and angle.

Schedule an online demonstration

If you wish to learn more about CIMCO Edit 2022 and the new simulation kernel, then please get in contact with us today. Our engineers are ready to provide online demonstrations and answer any questions.

For more information:

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