Cross Section View in CIMCO Edit 2022

Easily inspect internal features in your model with the Cross Section View.

The new simulation kernel in CIMCO Edit 2022 now has the ability to visualize a cross section of the model being simulated. The Cross Section View is useful for seeing the inside of a model and makes it possible to inspect internal features for errors such as a hollow cavity.

You can easily control the Cross Section View with XYZ handles for moving and flipping the slicing plane on different axis. As an additional feature, the Cross Section View can also be used for comparing the Workpiece to the Stock Model and highlight any inaccuracies.

Watch our video below to see the Cross Section View in action.

The Cross Section View feature is available as part of our new simulation kernel “Fast Version” – a completely new 3D simulation kernel with ultra-high performance thanks to being designed to take full advantage of GPU acceleration and the latest hardware technologies.

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