DNC-Max reduces setup times at Finspångs Finmekaniska AB

DNC-Max enabled operators to instantly access drawings, tool lists and rigging instructions.

Finspångs Finmekaniska AB is an advanced subcontractor in the field of cutting machining, welding and assembly of complicated mechanical products. Since all operators are setting up their own jobs in the machines, a solution was needed for programs, drawings, tool data and rigging instructions.

Our solution was to install CIMCO DNC-Max to handle the transfer between the offices and machines. In order for operators to work more efficiently, they got their own workstations with CIMCO Edit and CIMCO NC-Base. Thanks to this, setup times could be reduced considerably, and the operators could avoid having to run back and forth to get drawings, tool data sheets and rigging instructions.

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CIMCO DNC-Max product information
Finspångs Finmekaniska AB