CIMCO TeachWare used by 2000+ students at Lernia AB

Swedish reseller and subsidiary CIMCO AB implements
CNC E-Learning solution for Lernia AB.

Lernia AB helps develop people’s skills and matching them with companies’ needs. Lernia offers services in education and training, staffing and adaptation. Lernia was looking for an E-Learning system for their students to relieve teachers and increase the level of knowledge among their students.

During 2014/15, we developed CIMCO Teachware, which include the theoretical base for industrial technology BAS and the Green certificate. The CIMCO EDU package contains CIMCO Edit EDU and CIMCO Teachware. CIMCO Teachware is completely web-based and works on both computers, tablets and smartphones. Today over 2000 students and 150 teachers use CIMCO Teachware in Sweden.

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