CIMCO Machine Simulation released

We are pleased to announce the release of CIMCO Machine Simulation. An integrated, user-friendly and price competitive solution for CNC machine simulation directly in CIMCO Edit.

In development: New DNC-Max Web Client

The new DNC-Max Web Client is being built from the ground up using the same technologies as the MDC-Max Web Client which enables a much faster, more responsive client with zero need for refreshing the browser.

CIMCO Americas at IMTS 2018

Check your calendar …

Shop Floor Screens for MDC-Max released

We are pleased to announce the release of Shop Floor Screens for the MDC-Max Web Client.

CIMCO at Norwegian exhibition SMART industri

Norwegian reseller Wictus AS will be demonstrating CIMCO Software at the SMART industri exhibition 17-18 April in Lillestrøm outside Norwegian capital Oslo.

CIMCO at MACH 2018 (Updated with video and photos)

Cambridge Numerical Control at Stand No. 117-665, and ETG with Hyfore in Hall 20, Stand 185 will be happy to demonstrate to you the advantages of CIMCO Software and the very latest developments.

Support for layers in CNC-Calc

The latest release of CIMCO CNC-Calc includes support for layers. A layer is a container for grouping related elements in a drawing and a drawing can have as many layers as needed. Layers also have different attributes such as color and visibility for keeping them organized.

Smart Factory Machining 2018 at ETG Ireland

From Tuesday 6th March to Thursday 8th March, Engineering Technology Group (ETG) in Ireland is showcasing their expertise as an advanced machining solutions provider

CIMCO at Masentia Machining #28 in Odense, Denmark

From 20th March to 22nd March, CIMCO will be present at the 28th Masentia Machining event in Odense, Denmark.

Successful exhibition at China International Industry Fair

Wuxi Lingding Technology Co. Ltd, distributor of CIMCO China in the Hua Dong District, was present at the 19th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) with a grand display of CIMCO products.