CIMCO at HTEC 2023

Meet us at Haas Technical Education Community Conference from July 24–27.

CIMCO 2023 released

CIMCO Software 2023 has been released.


Meet us at EASTEC from May 16-18 in West Springfield, MA. Booth 5054.

CIMCO at VTM Summit 2023

Meet us at the VTM Summit 2023 from April 25-28 in Odense, Denmark. Booth C-4928.

Cross Section View in CIMCO Edit 2022

Easily inspect internal features in your model with the Cross Section View.

CIMCO at Hermle Open House

Meet us at Hermle Open House 18-21 April 2023 in Gosheim, Germany.

Quality Zoom in CIMCO Edit 2022

Increase the accuracy of a cut-out section of the stock model for detailed inspection.

New Web Client for CIMCO MDM Released

A modern, responsive web application with great performance and zero reloading.

Stock Compare coming to CIMCO Edit 2022 (now available + video)

Easily compare the simulated stock to the design model and see inaccuracies at a glance.

New simulation kernel 100 times faster

New ultra-fast simulation kernel released for CIMCO Edit 2022 Backplot and Machine Simulation.