CIMCO CNC-Calc V8 is installed as part of CIMCO Edit V8. Please see the CIMCO Edit V8 documentation for installation instructions.

If you are upgrading from an existing installation without CNC-Calc, re-installation of CIMCO Edit V8 is not necessary. Just install the new license file (named "CustomerName-license.CimcoLicense") following the license installation instructions.

Enabling CNC-Calc

Start CIMCO Edit V8 and verify that the CNC-Calc tab is available in the Ribbon.

If not, open the editor configuration by clicking the Global Setup icon in the Editor tab. Go to the Plugins section in the left tree of the configuration window. Now ensure that the option Disable CNC-Calc is unchecked. You must restart the program to activate the CNC-Calc tab.

Enabling the CNC-Calc tab.