Tutorial Mill 2 - Machining the Part

With CIMCO CNC-Calc V8 it is possible to create toolpaths directly from the program's geometrical drawings. Thereby, calculations become more secure and programming becomes much faster compared to doing it manually. At the same time you get a big advantage since it is possible to move, copy, rotate, scale, and mirror elements with the result of instant NC-code generation. There are several machine types in CNC-Calc, but the most commonly used are ISO G-code programming and Heidenhain plain text.

Sample 2D part.

This tutorial demonstrates how the 2-dimensional part above can form the basis for NC-codes for various types of machining.

In order to produce the final part we will use the following operations:

This tutorial builds upon the result from CNC-Calc Tutorial Mill 1.

Open an Existing Drawing

To open a drawing, click on the icon Open Drawing in the File toolbar under the CNC-Calc tab. An Open file dialog will appear.

Select the file CNC-Calc Milling Tutorial 1.cdd and click Open.

You should now see the part from CNC-Calc Tutorial Mill 1 displayed.

If you hold the cursor over an icon, a short description of the icon's functionality will appear.

You can change the colors of the drawing area by selecting Setup CNC-Calc and then Global Colors from the tree menu.