Inserting a Tool with Feed and Speed Calculator

Follow the steps from the previous operation for inserting a tool with the built-in calculator.

Instead of the values used there, use the following values into the Feed and Speed Calculator pane:

Now, the last two values have been calculated and inserted in the dialog. They should be:

Correct the RPM to 5500 rpm and then Feedrate (F) to 1320 mm/min.

Now the Feed and Speed dialog should look like the one to the right.

Click on the button Export Clipboard to copy the generated line to the Windows clipboard.

Change to the NC program in the editor. After the contour operation was copied to the editor, the cursor is at the very end of the program. In order to insert the tool line from the clipboard, we must locate the start of the contour operation. Since the comment CONTOUR was inserted, it is easy to locate the start of the operation.

Find the text CONTOUR, either by pressing Ctrl+F, or selecting the Find icon from the Find toolbar under the Editor Tab.

Go to the start of the comment line and insert the text from the clipboard, either by pressing Ctrl+V, or selecting the icon Paste from the Edit toolbar.

The NC program should now look like the following.