Inserting a Tool with Feed and Speed Calculator

The Feed and Speed calculator built into CNC-Calc is used to insert feed and speed data into the NC program. All the data used in the calculations can normally be found in the reference material supplied by the manufacturer.

In the facing example, we use a face mill that we give the following characteristics: diameter is 30 mm, it has 5 flutes, a cutting feed of 0.08 mm per tooth, and a cutting speed of 190 mm/min.

To use the feed and speed calculator for milling operations, select the icon Calculator in the Milling Operations toolbar.

Fill in the following values into the Feed and Speed Calculator pane:

The fields are linked together, so as entries are made in the Cutting Speed field, the fields RPM and Feedrate will be automatically updated.

If we then want to have 2000 rpm and a feedrate of 800 mm/min instead of the calculated 2015 and 836.385, the value for the cutting speed will be updated to 188.5 mm/min.

Change the RPM to 2000 rpm and the feedrate to 800 mm/min.

Click on the button Export Clipboard on the Feed and Speed Calculator pane. The line for the NC program is now in the clipboard, and it is ready for insertion.

Change the window to that of the NC program, and press Ctrl+Home to move to the very start. Insert the text from the clipboard, either by pressing Ctrl+V, or selecting the icon Paste from the Edit toolbar in the Editor tab.

The NC program should now look similar to the one below.