Face Milling

CIMCO CNC-Calc V8 can generate CNC toolpaths for face milling, with or without finishing passes and using different cutting strategies.

You can watch the related video for this part of the tutorial here:

Creation of Facing Toolpaths

First, in the Operations toolbar, select the programming format of the NC-program in the File Type drop-down menu. Select ISO Milling.

Then click on the icon Face Milling to generate a CNC-Toolpath for face milling.

Write the text FACING in the Comment field of the CNC-Calc pane Face Milling. This text will be included at the start of the final NC code for this operation. When multiple operations exist in the same NC program, the comments will help to locate and identify the start of each operation.

Click on the outlining contour of the drawing. This will select the bounding contour that the facing operation will operate on.

Click on the button Parameters in the CNC-Calc pane Face Milling. This will open the configuration dialog for setting the face milling parameters.

Enter the values into the dialogs as shown in the pictures below.

Depths Tab

Strategy Tab

After entering the values, close the parameters dialog with OK. To show the generated toolpath click on Show Toolpath button in the Face Milling pane.

Now click on the button Export Editor to export the generated NC code to a new window in the Editor. The following screen should now be displayed.

See section Inserting a Tool with Feed and Speed Calculator for information on how to insert a tool using the Feed and Speed Calculator.