Backplot Stock Setup

The following steps will show you how to set up the stock used in the backplot.

Click on the icon Solid Setup in the Backplot Solid toolbar. This will open the Solid Setup window.

The default values shown in the dialog are based on the cutting moves in the NC program. Since the tool moves down in cutting speed, the Z-max will nearly always be too big. The same is the case for the facing operation. That will give a too large stock along both the X- and Y- axes.

From the facing operation, we know that the top of the stock should be Z = 2.00 mm. From the drawing, we know that the values of the corners are (-75.00, -50.00) and (75.00, 50.00).

We now make the stock 2 mm larger along the X- and Y-axes, so the values will be the ones shown in the dialog below. You can also adjust the quality of the solid by moving the slider at the bottom of the dialog.

Please enter these values and exit the dialog with OK.

Now, everything has been configured and the backplot can be used to verify the operations. The screen should now look like the one shown below.