Backplot Tool Setup

The following steps will show you how to set up the tools used in the backplot.

Click on the icon Tool Setup in the Backplot Tool toolbar. This will open the Tool Setup window.

When the Backplot parsed the NC program, it detected that three tools were being used.

Since these tools have not been defined, the screen will look like the one above.

In order to backplot the program correctly, we need to define these three tools. By changing the type and the diameter of the tools, we can create the correct setup. If you want to change tool color or define tool lengths, click on the Tool Setup icon at the right of the selected tool.

Please select and enter the values for the three tools shown on the picture below.

These are the same tool values that were used when the NC programs was generated in CNC-Calc.

Now exit the tool configuration dialog with OK.

After the tools have been configured, the screen should look like the one below. Try to find the tool changes (M06) and verify that the tool does indeed change when a tool change is encountered in the NC program.