Drawing the Text

To begin the creation of the text that will be used for machining, click on the icon Text Entry in the CNC-Calc Text toolbar.

The Text Entry pane appears to the left to define the text that will be drawn.

In the input field at the bottom named Text, enter the text that will be machined. In this example "CIMCO 123". In addition to the text, five additional parameters are needed to specify start point, baseline angle (relative to the horizontal axis), distance between letters, and letter height. Fill in the fields with the values shown below.

When you are done entering text and values, click on the blue check mark button at the bottom right of the dialog to accept the insertion. This is important, since otherwise the text will disappear once you start doing other things.

Your screen should now look like the following.

The drawing now shows the text, and its geometry can now be used for generating the toolpaths.