Drawing the Text

To begin the creation of the TrueType text that will be used for machining, click on the icon TrueType Text Entry in the CNC-Calc Text toolbar.

The Text Entry pane appears to the left to define the text that will be drawn.

In the input field Text at the bottom, write the text to be milled with TrueType letters. In this example "CIMCO 456". Enter the coordinates for the starting point of the text, the angle (relative to the horizontal axis) of the text baseline, and the height of the letters.

Next, by clicking on the button Select Font and opening the font dialog, select the font type and font size. End this dialog by clicking 'OK'. As a result of the changes you make in the font dialog the look of the text changes. You can enter the font dialog again until you are satisfied with the layout.

Using the Alignment button, you can select the text horizontal and vertical alignment relative to the starting point entered.

When done, click on the blue check mark button at the bottom right of the dialog to insert the text.

With parameters, text, and font defined your screen should look like the following. Depending on your choice of font type this might vary.

The geometry is now finished and can be used for the generation of toolpaths.