Tutorial Mill 5 - Constant Cut Milling Outside In

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Outside In Constant Cut Milling operation to clear a surface with an island left standing.

Previously CNC-Calc had no operations that could machine a part from the outside in. The only option was to offset the outside of the part and then machine it with a pocket operation. So not only is it possible to machine a part from the outside in, it is possible to do so with one of the most effective strategies.

In this tutorial we demonstrate how we will machine this part and then show some optimizations of the operation.

Open an Existing Drawing

To open an existing drawing, click on the icon Open Drawing in the File menu under the CNC-Calc tab. In the Open file dialog, navigate to 'C:\CIMCO\CIMCOEdit8\Drawings', select the file tutorial 5.cdd and click Open.

When the drawing is opened the following window should be displayed:

You can change the colors of the drawing area by selecting Setup CNC-Calc and then Global Colors from the tree menu.