CNC-Calc V8 Tutorials

The final execution of the program depends to a high degree on the applied macro programs. It is also important that the correct setup of CNC-Calc V8 is used for each machine/control.


Do not run the generated NC programs as is!

This is due to the fact that no tool changes or other codes for spindle speed etc. are generated.

The same is the case in terms of program start and program finish codes. These codes could for instance be inserted with the macro functionality provided in the CIMCO Edit editor.

Before You Start

The first thing to do before proceeding with any of the tutorials is to set the toolbar parameters. Start CIMCO Edit V8 and verify that the CNC-Calc tab is available in the Ribbon. If not, open the editor configuration by clicking the Global Setup icon in the Editor tab. Go to the Plugins section in the left tree of the configuration window, and ensure that the option Disable CNC-Calc is unchecked. You must restart the program to activate the CNC-Calc tab.

Enabling the CNC-Calc tab.