Transmission of a CNC-Program

According to RS-232-C, an asynchronous data transmission requires a proven wired or wireless data link and an identical set-up of both sides - DNC server and CNC control.

Click on the tab Transmission.

Click the icon DNC Setup in the Setup ribbon. The serial port settings for 'Machine 2' in our example should have the following values:

Create a folder for Transmit and another for Receive of CNC programs, e.g. on the desktop of the DNC server. (Org) means Original programs; (Opt) means programs saved for Optimizing.

To connect these folders with the program, from the Setup dialog select the submenu Directories and enter their paths.

After copying the Main Program File into the folder 'Transmit CNC programs (Org)' and readying the CNC for reception, in the Transmission ribbon click Send File to transmit the file to the CNC machine.

When the data transfer has been successfully finished, the information 'Transfer completed successfully' appears:

The 'Transmission' function offers a second option for direct transfer of the CNC-program out of the current window by clicking on the button Send.

This way, it is possible to send a corrected or an optimized CNC program to the waiting machine tool without saving it first.

If you only want to send some blocks from the current CNC program, highlight the lines and click the down arrow of the Send button (see below), then click Send Selected Lines.

If for example 3 lines of the have been selected and sent, after finishing the file transfer the following information appears on the DNC server's screen:

The next section will demonstrate how to receive a CNC program.