This section describes the Backplot function Other. This function is concerned with simulation in full screen, workpiece and tool offsets, 5-axis machine setup, load of STL files, DXF files export, and the Simulation control type.

The Solid Model is only available for Milling operations.

The Other menu.


Full Screen

Shows the backplot in full screen.


Set Workpiece/Tool Offsets

This option enables you to set workpiece and tool offsets.

When you click on this icon, the Workpiece/Tool Offset dialog appears for entering the X, Y, Z coordinates of Machine Offset and Workpiece Offset, as well as the Tool Length Compensation.

Workpieceand tool offsets.


5-Axis Machine Setup

Lets you configure 5-axis machines.

5-Axis Machine Setup dialog.


Load STL File

Loads an STL file (stereolithography).


Export as DXF File

Exports toolpath as a DXF file.


Control Type

Select the control type from this list.


Backplot Setup

Lets you configure the backplot settings. Please refer to File Types Setings for further information.