Insert / Remove

This section describes the menu Insert / Remove. These functions allows you to quickly write and edit NC programs.

The Insert/Remove menu.


Mark/Delete Range / Ctrl+M

When clicking on Mark/Delete Range in the Insert/Remove tab, the following dialog appears:

Mark/Delete dialog box.

Here, you can specify a range of lines or block numbers to be marked or deleted. In addition, a special selection from a tool change, feed rate or spindle speed value can be marked up to the next or deleted.


Block Skips

Adds a skip-character to the begining of a NC block. For this purpose, select the desired NC blocks and then click on Block Skips .

The block skip character can be defined in the Machine configuration dialog.


Remove Block Skips

All the block skip characters from the current CNC program will be removed.

If you only want to remove the characters of a given NC block, select this NC block (completely or at any point) and click on the icon Remove Block Skips .


Insert Spaces

Inserts space characters between the commands in the CNC program, where there is no space character between two commands. Existing space characters are left as they are.


Remove Spaces

Deletes all the space characters and tab signs from the CNC program (whitespace characters).


Remove Empty Lines

Removes all the empty lines from the NC program.


Remove Comments

Removes all the comments in the CN program - written in patentheses or with the Comment start/end characters defined in Machine.


Insert Strings

Inserts an user-defined string in the CNC program at the place defined in the dialog below.

Insert string dialog.


Remove Strings

Removes strings from the NC program according to the specifications entered in the Remove String dialog (similar to the one above).


Insert Monitoring Macros

Inserts monitoring macros in the NC program for program name, feedrate (F), spindle speed (S) and tool change (T), in the following line to these commands, showing their values in the CNC program and with the beginning DPRNT ... inserted.

CNC program without monitoring macros.

CNC program with monitoring macros.

The observed values for the macros can be read via the serial interface for further processing.


Remove Monitoring Macros

Removes all DPRNT lines that were added using the Insert Monitoring Macros function and restores the NC program to its original contents.


Auto Insert Spaces

Activating this option, a space is automatically inserted before each NC-word when the program is written "in a row" (without spaces).


Uppercase / Ctrl+U

Changes the case of the text to 'UPPERCASE' - including the comments.


Lowercase / Ctrl+Shift+U

Changes the case of the text to 'lowercase' - including the comments.