This section describes the functions related to the DNC settings for existing machine types. You can also configure and/or add new CNC machines.

First, determine what CNC machines are installed and check the transmission parameters. Open the CIMCO Edit v6 tab Transmission and click on the icon DNC settings to open the configuration dialog.

In this dialog you can see a list of the existing machines, and select one to rename it, delete it or add a new one.

If you want to change the transmission parameters of the selected machine, you can click on the Setup button in the lower right part of the dialog. The machine settings dilog will appear where you can review and modify the interface parameters. Using the left side tree menu, you can access to the Transmit and Receive dialogs to check/change the transmission parameters.

Set in the Directories dialog your default folders (send and receive folders) from which you want to send and receive CNC programs to/from the machine. Use the folder icon to the right of the entry fields to navigate or to create a new folder where to store the transmission files.

The Setup menu.


DNC Setup

Click this icon to add new machines and configure the DNC settings in CIMCO Edit. Read more about setting parameters for DNC communication under DNC Settings.