Use this dialog to configure general backplot settings.

To configure the Backplot settings, select Backplot from the File types menu in the left window of the Editor Setup dialog, or click the Backplot Setup icon in the File menu within the Backplot tab. The following dialog appears:

Backplot Setup dialog.

Only the backplot options for the selected file type are active. All other options are grayed out.

Backplot Setup


Control Type

Select the control type for the backplot from the list.


Tool Library

Use this button to set up the tool library for the selected control type. Information on how to set up tools is found under Tool.


Diameter programming

Check this field to select diameter programming.


Arc center is specified as diameter

Check this field to select diameter programming for arc centers also (I coordinate).


Draw 'zero' arcs

Check this field if a full circle should be drawn on arcs with the same start and end-point.


Show cycles

Check this field to plot cycles.


Ignore M6

Check this field to ignore tool load commands (like M6).

You can specify the tool load command on the Machine setup page.


Ignore tool number 0

Check this field to ignore tool number 0. This is useful if T0/T00/T0000 is used to cancel the length offset.


Enable 4/5-Axis plot

Check this field to enable 4/5-Axis backplotting.


X100 = X0.100

When this option is selected, the program will assume that a value without a decimal separator is 1/1000 of a regular move.


Disable radius compensation

Check this field to disable tool radius compensation.


Use shortest angle moves

Check this field to use the shortes angle.

Example: When moving from 359 degrees to 1 degree, the simulation will normally move 358 degrees back. When this option is checked, only a 2 degrees move is performed.


Use U/V/W relative moves

Check this field if U/V/W should be used as relative moves.


Arc type

Select the type of arc that is used from this drop-down list.



Use this field to specify the orientation of the plot for turning operations.


Machine Setup (4/5-Axis)

Use this field to specify the machine type. The machine type/geometry is important for 5-Axis simulation. Click on the icon next to the field to edit the machine configuration.


Keyboard / Mouse mapping

Select the keyboard mapping from this list.


Map letters (Ex. 'A=WB, B=WA, I=J, J=I' )

Use this field to map the default letters to a different string.

Example: If a CNC uses XA for A-axis rotation, specify A=XA in this field.

Example: If a machine has switched the X and Y axis, specify X=Y, Y=X.