Feature List

Customizable Levels

The levels in CIMCO MDM are fully customizable - names, icons, the way they are related, where they are stored, the file types they can contain, etc. This means free configuration of your file and data structure that helps to organize the production data by enforcing rules for what file types can be added to the different levels.

Customizable Database Fields

Up to 10 database fields can be defined for every level.

Predefined Database Fields

For every database field a list of predefined values can be configured. This prevents from entering wrong data when adding a level or document.

Configurable Search Fields

The search fields shown in the Search panel can be customized. Any field defined in the database can be used in a search. Advanced Search can be used to filter the results by date or time periods.

Supports CAD Files / CAM Files / NC Files

CIMCO MDM offers special support for CAD/CAM/NC files, like specific actions or interfaces.

Preview of NC-files, CAD-files, CAM-files, images, etc.

The Database Preview provides quick info on the selected level or document. The related database fields and information as well as a preview of the contents of the selected document are shown.

Auto-import of posted CAM Files

Configurable automatic import of post-processed CAM files.

Configuration of External Applications

CIMCO MDM can launch external applications from within the client. You can define a list of applications for the "Open with..." function when right-clicking on a document. Besides, for every level that contains a file, a default application can be set up to open the file on double click.

Level Synchronization

If there are two or more database fields with the same meaning in different levels, these can be synchronized to avoid unnecessary manual entries.

File Name Generation

When adding a file to a level, the file name can be automatically generated according to a determined rule.


Preferred file templates can be selected for documents within a level.

Status Handling

For every single level an unlimited number of status can be set up, each containing actions like locking NC files or setting a transfer limit. It is also possible to send e-mails when a status changes.

User Management / User Groups / User Rights

Multiple users with different access rights can be defined by registering them in the appropriate user groups. This prevents regular users from changing configuration settings, deleting any project, part, CAD file, CAM file, etc. Optional monitoring of program changes by individual users.

Handles Machines with Directories and DNC-Interface

In CIMCO MDM it is possible to dedicate projects, CAD files, CAM files, NC programs to a certain group of machines, which is tied to a DNC interface. Directly from the control, you can then store NC programs in the database as well as request them.

Import Queue for NC-Files

Files received in MDM are placed on an import queue, where you manually can accept or reject them.

Revision Control

Version control of all files for keeping backups of earlier versions.

Monitor Directories

Customized directories and file extensions to monitor, for creating backups, logs, etc.

File Compare using CIMCO Edit

Easily compare two different versions of a document using CIMCO Edit.


Printed reports for the levels, tools, components, etc., can be generated.

Work Orders

CIMCO MDM can generate printed work orders for any of the jobs involved in the manufacturing process. Print templates can be easily configured. Barcode readers can be used to register production time.

Tool list generation

CIMCO MDM can extract tool information from the contents of the NC program and generate a tool list that will be associated to the program file. The tool information is saved directly on the database tool library.

Tool library

CIMCO MDM includes a tool library for managing all your tools and associates them to your CNC programs.

Generate filenames from parent levels

CIMCO MDM has the capability to use variables from parent levels when generating file name for children levels.

Microsoft SQL compatibility

The MDM Server can now run with Microsoft SQL database. The user ID and password for accessing the MS SQL are encrypted in the MDM configuration file.


The MDM scheduler helps you to plan and organize the operations to be performed on each machine.

License Server

A network license server application can be used to provide a floating license to an unlimited number of networked MDM servers and clients.