The Machines dialog offers functions to connect a defined group of machines to a DNC interface (DNC-Max).

In CIMCO MDM you can dedicate projects, CAD files, CAM files, and NC programs to a group of machines, which in turn is connected to a DNC interface. In this way, you can store and access NC programs in the database directly from the machine control (only possible with DNC-Max Auto-Receive and Remote Request functions).

The Machines dialog.


This field shows a list of the machines stored in the database.



This column shows the name of the machine groups.


Data Directory

This column shows the path of the data directory for the corresponding machine group.


Add Port

Click this button to add a DNC port to the selected machine group. The following window will appear:

Add a new DNC port.

Select the port you want to connect to the machine group from the list of available ports on the DNC interface, and then click OK.



Click this button to delete the machine group highlighted in the list.



Click this button to add a new machine group to the list. The following dialog appears:

Add a new machine group.

Give the machine group an indicative name, select the template you want to use, and click Add to add the machine group.