User Setup

Use this dialog to configure user information.

To configure the User settings, select Setup in the Administration menu, or click the Setup dialog launch icon in the Database menu. This will open the CIMCO NC-Base Configuration window. Click on User Groups in the left hand list and select User Setup. The following dialog appears:

The User Setup dialog.

User Info


User Name

This field contains a list of all defined users.



To add a new user, click on the button Add. The following dialog appears:

Add a new user.

Enter a User ID, password, and other information (if necessary) and then click OK. If you want to exit without entering data or changes taking effect, click Cancel.



To delete a user, highlight the user and click Delete.

The administrator ADMIN cannot be deleted.



To modify the information of a user, highlight the user and click Modify. A window that resembles the Add dialog appears, although with the title Modify user.


User Groups

List of all defined user groups. Select a user to see which user group the user belongs to.

The user groups are set up in the dialog User Groups.