FTP Server Settings

After installing CIMCO FTP Server, an FTP icon will be present on the Desktop.

Click the icon. The CIMCO FTP configuration main screen will appear:

To set up the FTP Server, click the Setup button. The FTP Server settings window will appear:

Log level, Log name

Most prominent in this window are the Log level and Log name fields. In the field Log level you can choose if you want the logging of all activity, only errors, or no logging at all. If chosen, the logging information will be written to the log file specified in the Log name field. The log file will be placed in the CIMCO FTP program directory.

Auto start server

Check this box if you want the FTP Server to start when the computer is rebooted.

Use specific network address

If the server has multiple network adapters and you want it to use only one, this is where you specify which one.


In this part of the setup program you specify the logon and passwords of clients. Default is: user anonymous, password (none), and User directory c:\temp. This can be modified or deleted.

User name and password must be as set on the CNC machine.

Adding a New User

Enter the user information into the User name, Password and User directory fields, select System type, and click the "OK" button. The user information will then be added as a new line to the list of users.

FTP user setup.

System type

Defines what type of server is reported to clients connecting to the FTP Server - this affects the way the server will transmit directory listings. The field has 4 settings: UNIX, WINDOWS, OKUMA or UNKNOWN.

User directory

If you select a non-existent directory as home directory, you will be prompted to create the directory. Answering "Yes" will create a new directory with the home directory's name, answering "No" will not create directory, and answering "Cancel" will cancel the add or modify operation.

The checkbox User is not allowed to access files outside the user directory can be checked to limit the user to transferring files to/from the user directory and its sub-directories.

Editing an Existing User

Select the user to be edited from the list of users. Click the Edit User button. Make the desired modifications, and click the "OK" button. Information on that user present on the list of users will then change.

Removing an Existing User

Select the user to be removed from the list of users. Click the Remove User button. That user will then be removed from the list of users.

If the FTP Server is not started, and you want to start it immediately, you can click the Start Server button.