The NFS Configuration Main Window

The central field contains a list of the configured exports.

The NFS Configuration main window.


Creates a new exported folder. An exported folder can be accessed by the CNC machines via the network. See the section Networking with NFS and CNC Machines to learn more about exports, and Configuring Exported Folders for more information on how to configure exports.


Edits the settings for the selected export.


Removes the selected export.

Start Server

Starts the NFS Server and exits the NFS Configuration program, saving all changes. In Windows NT/2000/XP/Server/Vista/7, the NFS Server software is immediately updated, if already running, otherwise it is started as a service. In Windows 95/98, it is necessary to restart Windows to apply any changes.

Stop Server

Stops the NFS Server software from running, and exits the NFS Configuration program. Under Windows NT/2000/XP/Server/Vista/7, it also removes the service.

TNC Setup

Opens a help file, showing how the Heidenhain TNC control should be set up, for the NFS communication to function.


Opens the help file.


Exits the NFS Configuration program without implementing or saving any changes.