Settings at the HEIDENHAIN iTNC (530)

Make sure that the person configuring your TNC is a network specialist. Please note that the TNC performs an automatic restart if you change the IP address of the TNC.

In the Programming and Editing mode of operation, press the MOD key. Enter the keyword NET123. The TNC will then display the main screen for network configuration.

Define net

ADDRESSTCP/IP address for the control, e.g.:
MASKThe subnet mask used by your network, e.g.:
BROADCASTEmpty or the broadcast address, e.g.:
ROUTEREmpty or address of the used router, e.g.:
HOSTEmpty or alias-name of the control, e.g.: NC
DOMAINEmpty or name of the domain of the control (reserved for SMB connection)
NAMESERVEREmpty or TCP/IP address of the DNS Server (reserved)

Define mount

MOUNTDEVICETCP/IP address of the NFS Server:/Export name, e.g.: 19
MOUNTPOINTAlias-name of the share (max. 8 characters, colon), e.g.: SERVER:
FILESYSTEMTYPFile System Type (nfs/smb), e.g.: nfs
OPTIONSOptions depending on the File System Type (empty)
AMAuto Mount (0 or 1). Set at 1, the control will automatically connect using the "Mount" softkey.

Define UID/GID

UID for mountUSER