Backplotting the CNC-Program FLANGE

Dynamic simulation of the tool motion is an essential feature of the Edit 6 Backplot. Start the simulation by clicking Start/stop simulation (the "play" button) on the bottom right panel. You can pause the tool motion and start it again by clicking the icon Pause simulation. The present tool status is shown in the fields below the backplot. The following information is presented:

If you hover with the mouse cursor over the path where a move starts, the information will change accordingly.

If you stop within a block (e.g. straight line left side) the mouse pointer shows 'Current tool position' and the momentary coordinates will be shown (e.g. X-76.500, Y-10.054, Z-5.000).

To increase the simulation speed of the current tool, use the left mouse button to drag the slider control to the right. Moving the slider control across the middle position towards the left will cause the simulation to reverse.

Any change to the toolpath or the tool itself is immediately visible in the backplot.