Project 2: Install Vise Jaws

Once the vise is bolted and aligned with the machine, vise jaws are installed using cap screws. Follow these steps to install vise jaws:

1. Clean Vise and Jaws

Ensure there are no chips on any ground surfaces of the vise or the vise jaws.

2. Install Bolts

Install Cap screws to secure the vise and Hand-tighten both bolts.

3. Tap Down Jaws

Use a rubber mallet to tap down the vise jaws so there are no air gaps between the jaws and the vise face.

4. Fully Tighten Bolts In Correct Order

Tighten the bolts in the order shown, ensuring the jaws do not lift as the bolts are firmly tightened.

5. Check Work

Any slippage of the jaws is not acceptable. Ensure all bolts are very tight before using the vise. Try sliding a piece of paper or feeler gage between vise jaws and vise to ensure there is no space due to the jaw lifting.

Figure A.3: Installing Vise Jaws