Adjusting CDC Offsets

Machining operations that use Cutter Diameter Compensation (CDC: G41/G42) can be adjusted to account for tool wear and deflection. Measure across a finished feature on part and compare it with the desired value. Subtract the Actual from the Target sizes and enter the difference into the CDC register on the control for that tool. For example:

Target Feature Size:   1.0000  
Actual Feature Size:   1.0120  
Wear Value:               -0.0120*

The tool path will now be compensated for the size difference. Running the same operation again should result in the feature being exactly the target size.

Wear compensation is used only on contour passes. It is not used for face milling, 3D milling, or drill cycles. Select the Wear Compensation option in your CAD/CAM software and, if needed, set a Tool Diameter Wear value as shown above. When used, the wear value is always a negative number.

Always set Tool Diameter Geometry to zero for all tools since CAD/CAM software already accounts for the tool diameter by programming the tool center line path.

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Offset Page: Select


Adjust Diameter Offset

  • Pg Up/Dn to highlight the tool to be adjusted.
  • Enter a value using the numeric keypad.
  • Select