Load CNC Program

Check List



Memory: Select


List Programs: Select


USB Device: Select

  • Use the DN arrow to highlight USB Device on the graphics screen. (This sets the program list to display files on the USB Device).
  • Select F4 button.


Program Name: Highlight

  • Use RT button to move highlighted bar over USB Directory List
  • Use the DN arrow keys to highlight the program to read.


Write To Device (Memory): Select

  • Press the Left arrow key and then the Up arrow key to move the highlight bar back over the Memory option in the Device list.


F2: Select

  • Press the F2 button to copy the program from the USB Device to Memory.
  • If the program already exists, select (Y) when prompted to overwrite.

Note: All programs must begin with the letter "O" (NOT the number zero). The program name must be an integer up to five digits long. No decimal point, letters, or special characters are allowed.