Run CNC Program

This is the preferred process for running a new program. Once a program is proven, all feed rates can be set to 100% and single block mode can be set to off.

Check List




  • Ensure vise or fixture is secure and that you have a safe setup.
  • There should be no possibility that the work holding will fail to perform as required.
  • Remove vise handles.
  • Clear the work area of any tools or other objects.
  • Close the machine doors.
  • Turn Single Block Mode On.
  • Press Rapid Feedrate -10 button eight times to set rapid Feed Rate Override to 20% of maximum.



  • Place one hand on Feed Hold button and be ready to press it in case there are any problems.
  • Press Cycle Start Button.

Caution: A common error is setting the Fixture or Tool Length offset incorrectly. When running a program for the first time, set the machine to Single block mode. Reduce rapid feed rate to 25%, and proceed with caution. Once the tool is cutting, turn off single block mode and let the program run. Do not leave the machine unattended, and keep one hand on the feed hold button. Listen, watch chip formation, and be ready to adjust cutting feed rates to suite cutting conditions.