Set Tool Length Offset (TLO)

Check List



Handle Jog Mode: Select

  • This sets machine to be controlled by the hand wheel.


Jog Increment: .01

  • This sets the job increment so each click of the hand wheel moves the tool .01 inches in the jog direction.


Jog Direction: Z

  • This sets the tool to move in Z when the jog handle is moved.

Note: Machine parameter 64 (T OFS MEAS USES WORK) must be set to OFF to use this method.


Offsets: Select

  • Press this button until the Tool Offset page displays.


Cursor Arrows: Align for active tool

  • Use the Up-Dn cursor keys (if needed) to move the highlighted bar on the graphics display over the offset values for the currently active tool.


Use 1-2-3 Block to Set Tool Length

  • Jog so tool is below top block.
  • Apply slight pressure to block against tool. Use Jog Wheel to raise tool until the block just slides underneath it.
  • Move block out of way and then move tool back down .01 inches below top of block.


Jog Increment: .001

  • Reduce jog increment and use jog handle to raise tool in .001 increments until it just slides under the block again.


Tool Offset Measure: Select

  • This causes the control to enter the current position of the tool in the length offset register.
  • Make sure the tool length number updates before proceeding.


Next Tool: Select

  • This causes the current tool to be put away and the next tool to be loaded.
  • Repeat steps 1 thru 9 until all tools are set.


  • Do not press any buttons between steps 8-9 or NEXT TOOL button will not load next tool.
  • If you should press any buttons and interrupt this process, load the next tool by selecting the ATC FWD button, followed by HANDLE JOG.

WARNING: Setting tools requires manually jogging the machine with hands in the machine work envelope. Use extreme caution and observe the following rules:

  • The spindle must be off.
  • Never place your hand between the tool and the 1-2-3 block.
  • Ensure the correct axis and jog increment are set before jogging.
  • Move the handle slowly and deliberately. Keep your eyes on your hands and the tool position at all times.
  • Never allow anyone else to operate the control when your hand is in the work area.