CIMCO Edit 2022 Releases

CIMCO Edit 2022.00.02 BetaReleased: 27-05-21Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Edit 2022.00.02
  • Fix: Download Latest Version now points to latest version of CIMCO Edit 2022. (S9380)
  • Fix: Made tool radius compensation more precise in case of arc moves. (S9791)
  • Fix: Changed scanning of quoted tool numbers to be parsed as tool id and not tool numbers. (S9813)
  • Fix: Scanned geometries and stock STL files with relative paths are now based on setup file location. (S9818)
  • Fix: Fixes incorrect unit conversion of angle parameters on tools. (S9809)
  • Fix: Fixed issue with incorrect radius value sometimes being using in radius compensation. (S9727)
CIMCO Edit 2022.00.01 BetaReleased: 21-05-21Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Edit 2022.00.01
  • Improved: Improved toolpath rendering performance. (S9325)
  • New: Added support for specifying rotations using tool vectors for Fanuc and Siemens. (S9693)
  • Fix: Fixed G68.2 P1 Roll/Pitch/Yaw transformation. (S7609)
  • Fix: Fixed negative and positive tilting mode forcing (SEQ+/- on Heidenhain). (S7609)
  • Fix: Fixed CALL LBL behavior on Heidenhain. (S9693)
  • Fix: Fixed overlay graphics for tool position and direction. (S9335)
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that made the toolpath flicker when tool is hidden. (S9335)
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where radius compensation would create incorrect additional lines. (S9249)
  • Fix: Fixed stock scanning not saving correctly to current document / setup file. (S9580)
  • Fix: Fixed stock scanning not loading stock definitions when starting Backplot / Machine Simulation. (S9580)
  • Fix: Fixed undo being disabled when umlaut y character exists in current document. (S9460)
  • Fix: Fixed a possible crash when converting all lines to uppercase or lowercase. (S9456)
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when trying to convert cases of non-alphabetic characters such as the Euro symbol €. (S9456)
  • Fix: Fixed first macro in a group getting overwritten by previously selected macro when changing between macro groups in Macro Setup. (S9555)
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with Previous button in Find dialog searching forwards when it should search backwards. (S9704)
  • Fix: Fixed a few issues that made SimDownloaderExe.exe unable to function correctly. (S9707)
  • Fix: Fixed several issues when calling CIMCOEdit.exe with command line arguments. (S9676)
CIMCO Edit 2022.00.00 BetaReleased: 06-05-21Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Edit 2022.00.00