CIMCO Machine Simulation 8 Releases

CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.06.01 StableReleased: 11-02-19Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.06.01
  • Updated to CIMCO Edit version 8.06.01
  • Re-enabled solid animation
  • Updated graphics engine (Remember to configure your graphics card settings to use the dedicated card)
  • Fixes issue resulting in collision color being written to models
  • Fixes a tool visibility bug where tool hangs in place when hide tool option is selected
  • -
  • Added new machines
  • Doosan DNM200 w/Fanuc
  • Doosan DNM200 w/Heidenhain
  • Doosan DNM350 w/Fanuc
  • Doosan DNM350 w/Heidenhain
  • Doosan DVF5000 w/Fanuc
  • Doosan DVF5000 w/Heidenhain
  • Doosan VC630 w/Heidenhain
  • Haas UMC-750
  • Haas UMC-1000
  • Haas VF1
  • Haas VF2 HRT210
  • Haas VF6-40TR
  • Haas VF1
  • Hermle C42 w/Heidenhain (NM)
  • Hwacheon M2 w/Fanuc
  • Quaser MF400 w/Heidenhain
  • Quaser MF500 w/Heidenhain
  • Quaser UX500 w/Heidenhain
  • Quaser UX600 w/Heidenhain
CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.00.48 StableReleased: 06-12-18Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.00.48
  • Fixed wrong return type of function pointer cast
  • Updated Inspect
  • Updated Fanuc machine simulation filter
  • Updated Mazak machine simulation filter
  • Added Haas UMC-1000 machine to demo files
  • Added Haas VF2 HRT210 machine to demo files
  • Updated 90 day license key
CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.00.47 StableReleased: 12-10-18Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.00.47
  • Added proper support for inches
  • New "replace" feature allows the user to replace a loaded tool with a library tool
  • Major performance improvements for background collision and limit control
  • Updated Tool Manager
  • Fixed workpiece/fixture transformation issue in modern rendering
  • Tool with errors are now highlighted with red
  • Holders are now scaled properly with regards to units
CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.00.46 StableReleased: 03-09-18Register to download
Changes in CIMCO Machine Simulation 8.00.46
  • Initial public release.