CIMCO Software 2023 Releases

CIMCO Software 2023.01.38 PreviewReleased: 22-02-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.38
  • Fix: Siemens Milling reverse post: OFFN command support.
  • Fix: Tool 3D files now scales with tool units.
  • Fix: A license server issue where if it cannot connect to one found server, it shows no servers.
  • Fix: Siemens Milling reverse post maximum variable number updated to 999.
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post CYCLE977 collision. (S20500)
  • Fix: Siemens reverse post REPEAT command support. (S8992)
  • Fix: Siemens reverse post DEFINE command support.
  • Fix: Siemens reverse post ignoring rotary axes in some cases (Zendesk ticket #25699).
  • Fix: Tool path statistics showing incorrect rotation angles.
  • Fix: An issue where supported axes indication in ribbon bar was not always correct for turning controls.
  • New: Tool Setup: Assembly Number is now shown for cutters/holders. If the component is not attached to an assembly "None" is displayed, if it is attached to multiple assemblies "Multiple" is displayed.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.37 PreviewReleased: 16-02-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.37
  • Fix: Haas milling reverse posts not backplotting correctly G12/13. (S20477)
  • Fix: An issue where C axis would show incorrect values when animating threading moves.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post work offset coordinates setting with FN 17: SYSWRITE.
  • Fix: C axis value in axis control is now shown modulo 360 when limitless.
  • Fix: Removed C axis limits in turning backplot.
  • Fix: Threading moves in stock sim.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post uses absolute rotary axes traversal when incremental rotation angles are programmed.
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post CYCLE800().
  • Fix: Subprogram files search was not looking in subprograms directory for Heidenhain CALL PGM command.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where adding stock when there is no toolpath, would not add a stock.
  • Fix: An issue where turret numbers converted to inches.
  • Fix: G71 missing finishing cut in Fanuc/Haas turning reverse posts. (S20427)
  • Fix: Drilling axis for G83-89 cycles in Fanuc turning reverse post.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where dwell commands (G4Pxxx) were being mistaken as Mazak synchronization codes (Pxxxxxxxx). (S20325)
  • Fix: Machining speed when using legacy converters (Zendesk ticket #25046).
  • Fix: Cycle 240 support by Heidenhain reverse post. (S20283)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.37
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed an issue causing bar charts to not render correctly when their behavior was set to sum.
  • Fix: Mitsubishi overrides update.
  • Fix: Added option to read register 6711 as the part count. Updated configuration dialog.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.36 PreviewReleased: 05-02-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.36
  • Fix: M89 support in Heidenhain reverse post.
  • Fix: Numeripath reverse post arc and parsing errors.
  • Fix: Spiral/Conical interpolation support in Fanuc Milling reverse post.
  • Fix: Rapid moves speed when using inch toolpath units with metric machine. (S20008)
  • Fix: Full circle moves length and machining time.
  • Fix: An issue where full 360 degree circles would not always work in Backplot.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.36
  • New: Updated overrides in the Mitsubishi protocol. Fixed control modes in the Mitsubishi protocol.
  • Fix: Fixed Citizen protocol (part count, SOVR, ROVR).
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.36
  • Fix: Fixed issue with improperly evaluated $DBPRGFIELDx variables in macros after extending program fields to 20. (S19915)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.35 PreviewReleased: 01-02-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.35
  • Change: Increased a default poll time of CIMCOUpdate service to 5 min.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.35
  • Fix: Rapid feed units conversion issue.
  • Fix: Siemens reverse post issues with MSG, MCALL commands and arc plane detection for G2/G3 commands.
  • Change: Larger speed slider with better control of simulation speed.
  • Change: Moved simulation play button to center in navigation slider.
  • Fix: An issue where the animation speed would sometimes not be consistent.
  • Fix: An issue where axis sliders didn't work when in inches.
  • Fix: Filter by tool drop down menu shows tools as appear in program (same as in V8). (S19959)
  • Fix: NumeriPath reverse post commands: PGM,DFS,RPT. (S19671)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.35
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the new MDC emails / messages when error from smtp server was improperly processed. Fixed issue when emails were sometimes not sent.
  • New: Web Client: Added a button to Operator Screen input fields for scanning QR codes and barcodes using the device camera. Requires an HTTPS connection.
  • Change: Updated ExternIO interface 'command line' to return success also when executed process doesn't print any data to standard output.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed an issue in Shop Floor View where the width of machine tooltips did not adjust to fit content size.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug when -1 value in MDC formula caused a crash of the MDC server.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.35
  • Fix: Fixed label of 'Disable project search field' check box.
  • Fix: Fixed incorrectly working Copy / Paste Program Info. (S20239)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.34 PreviewReleased: 25-01-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.34
  • Fix: Fixed a syntax highlighting issue when undoing and redoing line insertions at the beginning of the file. (S20203)
  • New: Now possible to hide certain parts of stock based on stock compare values.
  • Fix: Fixed not working cycle 10.0 in Heidenhain reverse post.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with line break characters in Fanuc file type templates.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where some windows, such as the warning dialog that appears when deleting a file type, would show the wrong strings.
  • New: Now remembers axis control visibility.
  • New: Now remembers toolpath visibility when remember animation mode is enabled.
  • Fix: An issue where the view in Backplot for horizontal machines was rotated.
  • Fix: Now remembers where the setup file is when simulating programs with the setup file in custom locations.
  • Fix: G11 support in Okuma Milling reverse post. (S20100)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.34
  • Fix: Web Client: Implemented additional security enhancements.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with ONLINE message not being generated in network protocol when port started. (S17764)
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.34
  • Change: Added option to select newly added program fields for printing.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.33 PreviewReleased: 17-01-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.33
  • Fix: Fixed improperly working MDC outputs.
  • New: Re-introduced Mitsubishi and Citizen protocols.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.32 PreviewReleased: 16-01-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.32
  • Fix: Fixed feedrate in Haas Turning G70.
  • Fix: A freeze in the simulation collision detection system.
  • Fix: An issue where closing the simulation window while parsing NC lines would not reset the progress bar.
  • Fix: Fixed ignoring tool change sequence on tool command in some cases. (S20054)
  • Fix: Unscaled start position when using tool change position as a start position.
  • New: Now possible to manually edit axis slider values.
  • New: Tool Setup: It is now possible to add filepaths for 3D tools on either .stl or .ToolData formats.
  • New: Now supports angled head machines.
  • New: Spindle geometries that rotates with the tool spindle can now be defined.
  • Fix: An issue where it would sometimes use machines from a V2022 installation.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.32
  • Change: Improved response of DNC server when enabling / disabling DNC ports.
  • New: Added reload server license and restart web server options to setup menu in the client.
  • New: Added option in setup menu to restart the web server.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.32
  • Change: Update of the new email system to fix issue when a same email is sent twice.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.32
  • Fix: Fixed issue when some program fields were not listed even if they were enabled.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.31 PreviewReleased: 10-01-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.31
  • Fix: An issue where collision detection with models defined in inches would sometimes not work properly.
  • Fix: Allowed 4 digits after decimal point for "Cutter Allowance" and "Collision Step Size" values. (S19961)
  • Fix: An issue where changing between milling and turning controls while backplot was active, did not update view modes.
  • Fix: Feedrate and spindle speed information text now has trailing zeros trimmed.
  • Fix: Issues with Siemens Turning reverse post drilling cycles in mill-turn mode.
  • New: Optimized Editor start-up time.
  • Fix: Fixed pecking retract distance in cycle 203 for Heidenhain reverse post.
  • Fix: Fixed cycle 83 in Siemens turning reverse post.
  • New: Main stop condition button can now be used to toggle all collision and limit errors on/off.
  • New: Collision detection now works in backplot mode if you have machine simulation license.
  • New: Now doesn't detect collision with invisible models.
  • Fix: Fanuc milling G66 issue.
  • Fix: An issue where toggling machine sim back and forth could make strange transformations to base models.
  • New: Added "Subprogram folder" simulation setting.
  • Fix: Fixed Heidenhain cycle 209.
  • Fix: Mirror issue for turning toolpath. (S12579)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.31
  • Fix: DNC with Smart monitoring no longer merges subprograms prematurely before all programs are received.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.31
  • Fix: Fixed issue when Email's configuration was cleared if Engine configuration was opened and Email's configuration was not touched.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash of the MDC client when copying an Email's interface.
  • Change: Updated FTP connector in ExternIO.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash of the DNC/MDC server when a web timeline is improperly configured.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.31
  • Fix: Fixed issue where max length of db fields didn't have the correct default value resulting in part number exceeds max length error message.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug when 'Required field check boxes' were incorrectly named in case a field was renamed.
  • Fix: Weblinks and external directories are now references correctly when a program is copied.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when adding associated files.
  • Change: Mariadb parameter 'innodb_buffer_pool_size' is no more forcibly set if it already exists in NCBase\Sys\my.ini.
  • Fix: Fixed a broken search in NC-Base running on MSSQL database.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.30 PreviewReleased: 03-01-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.30
  • Change: Dump log file size limited to max 50 MB.
  • Fix: Fixed broken auto-update when CIMCOUpdate service crashes.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.30
  • New: Now shows stopping condition reason when stopping.
  • Fix: An issue where going to Holder/Stock collisions would sometimes go to a collision-free part of the toolpath element.
  • Fix: Tool/Stock collision highlighting.
  • Fix: Fixed reverse post Siemens milling cycles 83/84. (S19871)
  • Fix: Fixed Heidenhain default work offset behavior.
  • Fix: Fixed rectangular stock origin type scanning. Fixed custom tool scanning issue.
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect lathe threading simulation. (S19802)
  • Fix: G100 support in Brother reverse post. (S19816)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.30
  • Change: Removed limit for data length per column when exporting event log to a CSV file. Previous limit was 4095 characters. (S18936)
  • Change: MQTT protocol has a new option to disable generating Online / Offline messages. (S17562)
  • New: Added a new MDC expression TIME[ISBREAK]. It is true when a current time corresponds to any active break according to the schedule. (S19712)
  • Change: Change in Flat-file protocol when it is not needed anymore to specify a data trigger when JSON or XPATH parser is used.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.29 PreviewReleased: 21-12-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.29
  • Fix: Siemens probing CYCLE978 measuring position.
  • New: Added Mastercam compatible keyboard/mouse mapping setting.
  • Fix: Added support for G66/67 in Fanuc Milling reverse post.
  • Fix: Disabled material removal and gouge check for probe moves.
  • Fix: An issue with integration tools, where geometries would not always be found when setup and NC file was in different locations.
  • Fix: Fixed rotation work offsets used with PLANE SPATIAL in Heidenhain.
  • Fix: T0 cancel tool offset in Fanuc Turning. Issue with displaying next tool before tool change command.
  • Fix: Improved quality of stock compare around sharp edges.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.29
  • Fix: Fixed a few potential memory leaks.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.29
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing site refreshes and direct screen links to redirect to the MDC-Max homepage.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.28 PreviewReleased: 18-12-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.28
  • Change: Updated Chinese Traditional translations.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.28
  • Fix: Retract feedrate for Heidenhain tapping cycles 207 and 209.
  • Fix: Spindle is now stopped during retract in Heidenhain cycle 202.
  • Fix: A work offset issue that sometimes caused false positive collisions.
  • New: Fixtures can now be mounted on any axis, making it possible to setup geometries like tailstock and steady-rest.
  • Fix: An issue where counter clockwise arcs in custom tools was actually clockwise.
  • Fix: An issue affecting the quality of stock refine edges in certain cases.
  • Fix: Multiline search and replace now works as expected.
  • Change: Selected stop conditions are stored in configuration. (S19076)
  • Fix: Rapid feedrate issue for imperial units. (S19006)
  • Change: Improved tool tracking.
  • Fix: An issue where machine origin would move with the machine table.
  • Fix: An issue where very slight limit over-travels would sometimes be highlighted in axis control during rotational axis unwinding.
  • Fix: An issue where radius compensation was disabled by default.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.28
  • Fix: Fixed issue with node processes being left behind after a DNC-Max server crash.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.28
  • Fix: Fixed a deadlock in ExternIO MQTT protocol when a network connection to an MQTT broker is interrupted.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue occasionally causing the web server to become unavailable under certain conditions.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.28
  • New: Added options to limit the NC-Base fields to a specific amount of characters and only allow numeric entries.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.27 PreviewReleased: 06-12-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.27
  • Fix: Fixed an issue introduced in version 2023.01.26 where retrieving licenses from a License Server fails when the License Server is running on a license file that requires activation.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.27
  • Change: Now simulation stops at M0/M1 if "Optional" stop condition is checked.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.26 PreviewReleased: 05-12-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.26
  • New: Added auto-update feature for CIMCO client applications: DNC Admin, MDC Client, CIMCO Edit.
  • Change: Updated Japanese translations.
  • Fix: Installed unactivated licenses now prompt the correct warnings.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.26
  • Change: View Bookmarks dialog has been reworked to be "independent" (non-modal).
  • New: Cut while spindle is stopped collision detection.
  • New: Fanuc now supports M13 and M14.
  • Fix: An issue where stock from STL would not work with special characters in STL path.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where imported file could not be edited in file compare view.
  • New: Solid simulation now supports tools with up to 128 cutter entities.
  • New: Tool Setup: Cutters and holders now have a file path argument. It can be set in scanning with: FILE="..\..\folder\file.stl"
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.26
  • New: Added PORTONLINE/PORTOFFLINE messages to event log in directory monitor protocol, when monitored directory is online/offline. (S17764)
  • Fix: DNC-Max server restarts no longer kills all Node js processes.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.26
  • Change: ExternIO web-service connector waits 1 second before next connection try when try count is specified.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing web clients on some systems to log out when config changes were made.
  • New: Added option to select HTTP version in ExternIO.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed timelines not being loaded if the same timeline was defined in multiple dashboards but with different machine selection
  • Fix: Fixed issue in ExternIO when sub-subsequent ExternIO sets are executed.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.26
  • Fix: Added warning for low disk space when upgrading database.
  • Fix: Fixed the ability for admin to uncheck themselves from the admin group.
  • Fix: Clear button no longer also clears locked search field related to permission "User can view unapproved programs".
  • Fix: Fixed issue with NC-Base server when starting CIMCO database failed after switching back from MSSQL.
  • Fix: Print all option now works as expected on import queue.
  • Fix: Printing files in queue now works correctly and no longer crashes the editor.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.25 PreviewReleased: 22-11-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.25
  • Fix: Fixed Editor crash when trying to print file on import queue or non existent file.
  • Fix: An issue where machine limits didn't respect the machine units when in inches.
  • Fix: An issue where going to the next tool would in some cases do nothing.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.25
  • Fix: Fixed MTConnect direct driver for that case when the adapter sends machine info first.
  • Fix: Added back V8 MNet implementation.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.25
  • Change: Increase response time out when starting NC-Base Server.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.24 PreviewReleased: 16-11-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.24
  • Fix: An issue where collisions with workpiece and fixtures were not reported correctly.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.24
  • Fix: Auto receive trigger look ahead changed to 100.000. (S18980)
  • New: Added a search option to DNCMax Admin opened by using ctrl + f.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.24
  • Fix: Added "floating" operation to the modbus variables. Advanced filter, telemetry data are not evaluated when the device is offline.
  • Fix: Fixed MODBUS protocol when it was set as disabled after upgrade from version 8 to 2022 / 2023. (S19092)
  • Fix: Fixed issue when export to Excel of Of real-time DB tables did not export 'end time'.
  • Fix: Updated Haas MNet protocol. Updated MTConnect protocol.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.24
  • Fix: Implemented proper support for weblinks in database integrity check.
  • Fix: www. is not prefixed to weblinks if it contains "://".
  • Fix: Customer dialog strings are now read from translation kit.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when a fresh database failed to be created.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.23 PreviewReleased: 13-11-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.23
  • Fix: Fixed graphical issue of 'Program add' dialog.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with custom program fields triggers when they were loaded as disabled.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.22 PreviewReleased: 10-11-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.22
  • Change: Updated Finnish translations.
  • New: Search feature added to all config dialogs.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.22
  • Change: Toolpath visibility is now off by default in machine simulation.
  • Fix: An issue where stock compare didn't work.
  • New: Stock simulation now uses less memory.
  • Fix: Fixed Advanced Renumbering and NC Converter dialogs not showing localized strings in certain languages. (S19339)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.22
  • Fix: Fixed issue with colors codes in the embedded web API interface.
  • Fix: Fixed ExternIO web-service host when payload was incorrectly converted to UTF-8.
  • Fix: Fixed embedded web API (TCP port 400) when it was responding with a message 'called function not found'.
  • Fix: Fixed MNet compatibility mode.
  • Fix: Fixed recently broken ExternIO of a type Web service and POST method when payload wasn't sent.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.22
  • New: Added additional database fields for stored programs.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.21 PreviewReleased: 06-11-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.21
  • Change: Updated Finnish translations.
  • Change: Updated Portuguese translations.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.21
  • Fix: An issue where collision detection didn't work for machine table models in turning operations.
  • Change: Improved performance of stop conditions.
  • Change: Improved loading of stock from STL.
  • New: Added 6 more generic CIMCO machines.
  • Fix: An issue where the simulation would sometimes make small jumps when interacting.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where syntax highlighting would show incorrect colors after certain text operations, such as undo / redo or line insertion / deletion. (S19177)
  • Fix: Fixed a possible crash when loading toolpath statistics using Legacy Heidenhain (Adv) and Legacy Heidenhain Universal controls. (S19034)
  • New: Added new option to remember last used Animation Mode between sessions in Backplot. See the Mode menu in Backplot ribbon tab. (S17149)
  • New: Added support for tailstock in machine simulation.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.21
  • Fix: Fixed crashing DNCMax (under some circumstances) when the server configuration was opened.
  • New: New option to enable displaying first program comment in send and receive dialogs.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.21
  • Fix: Set default MDC MNet protocol to V8 compatibility mode.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash of MDC server when backdating downtime reasons.
  • Fix: Added more debug logs when the MDC crashes.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing some input fields to immediately lose focus on certain tablets.
  • New: Reworked MTConnect protocol. Added: automatic tags detection, automatically device.xml building, direct machine adapter communication (not Agent.exe needed)
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.21
  • Fix: DB view is now updated when an associate file is added through save in Editor.
  • Fix: When adding a program through save or drag and drop which already exists and you choose to associate it instead, it now actually associates the program instead of doing nothing.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.20 PreviewReleased: 10-10-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.20
  • New: Added 2 default lathe machines.
  • New: Lathe machine simulation is now supported (Single spindle, single turret).
  • Fix: An issue where tool offset for the first tool was sometimes not being applied.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.19 PreviewReleased: 09-10-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.19
  • Fix: Fixed a bug introduced in 2023.01.18 that prevented several of our applications from launching.
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.19
  • Fix: An issue where turning tools were flipped.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.19
  • Fix: Fixed issue with live / operator screens in MDC client introduces with a new timeline web widget.
  • Fix: Fixed issue in MDC client when live / operator screens could get stuck under some circumstances.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.18 PreviewReleased: 05-10-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2023.01.18
  • Fix: Fixed issue where additional empty log files were occasionally created.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.18
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in MDC client setup when 'Slideshow time' was not stored.
  • Change: Implemented a 'loop mode' for HTTP notification interface when it has to be executed for every recipient.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash when deleting an interface in Notification setup UI.
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect default time format in RT DB view setup UI.
  • Fix: Notification HTTP interface loaded empty certificates when certificates were not defined.
  • Fix: Fixed issue causing empty widgets to be added when the last widget was moved.
CIMCO Software Manager 2023.01.18
  • Fix: Fixed issue where license service couldn't be stopped from software manager if the temporary license expired.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.17 PreviewReleased: 02-10-23
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.17
  • Fix: Fixed a possible hang/crash during file compare when multi line comments was enabled but "Multi line comment end" character was not defined.
  • Fix: Fixed a possible crash when inserting a macro that contains an image but does contain any user parameters. (S19025)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.17
  • Fix: Auto received no longer backup files with no changes when settings to not do so is set.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.17
  • Change: Added option to select a private key and a client certificate in notification HTTP interface.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where deleting a value from a widget could cause an empty value to be added. (S16346)
  • New: Web Client: Timelines can now be added to dashboards as widgets.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.17
  • Fix: Proper error messages for auto adding associate files when associated files have the same filename.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where the subdirectory for associated files couldn't be edited.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where files on import queue would expire within seconds or minutes, despite expire times being set to 1hr, 1day, 30days, etc.
  • Fix: Appended program name to rejected imports.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.16 PreviewReleased: 25-09-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.16
  • Fix: A crash in the fast simulation window that happened for users with special characters in the windows profile name.
  • Fix: Fixed cancel operation not working in Multi Channel Configuration dialog.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue saving user defined multi channel configuration when values contain special characters.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue saving Advanced Open search history when values contain special characters.
  • Fix: Fixed problem loading bookmarks from files containing special characters in their file path.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where bookmark names containing special characters would get mangled.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.16
  • Fix: Fixed issue with associated files not being copied.
  • New: Added the possibility to add weblink dependencies to programs.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.15 PreviewReleased: 13-09-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.15
  • Change: Changed Haas serial monitor to use Q500 only.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.15
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue where the web client failed to generate config files correctly.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.15
  • Change: When a new program is added to NCBase and only one machine group exists a machine group dialog is not displayed. When a 'Save As' button is pressed the machine group dialog shows up. (S18904)
  • Fix: Fixed a bug introduced in version 2023.01.11 when Setup, Tool and Memo sheets are added to a new program even if they are disabled. (S18902)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.14 PreviewReleased: 11-09-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.14
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where predefined tool libraries would reset on Editor startup.
  • New: Tool Setup: It is now possible to reorder libraries by selecting a library and pressing ctrl + Up/Down Arrows.
  • New: Tool/Workpiece/Fixture Collision detection now work with turning tools and revolved models.
  • Fix: An issue where collision detection for workpiece or fixtures would not work with stopping conditions when changing the models out.
  • Change: Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Left/Right ribbon bar options changes to small icons in a 3x2 grid.
  • Change: Axis control now has it's own ribbon bar button.
  • Fix: A ribbon-bar flicker when interacting with the backplot window.
  • New: Axis control now works without machine simulation.
  • Fix: An issue where small incorrect limit errors were sometimes reported.
  • Fix: An stall that could happen when generating collision report.
  • New: Machines can now be duplicated in machine configuration editor.
  • New: Machine group visibility can now be toggled in the machine configuration editor preview.
  • Change: Stock compare color setting moved to global colors and is now saved.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.14
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue in Status Screens where text was not visible for some color combinations.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.13 PreviewReleased: 31-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.13
  • Fix: Fixed a crash of Editor when Editor is being closed when NCBase and Backplot plugins are active.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue where it could become possible to run collision checking while loading machine models leading to a crash.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where changing geometry transformations would sometimes not have an effect.
  • Change: Tool no longer disengages from the spindle when controlling machine axes.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.13
  • Fix: Fixed checkbox "Pass variable to advanced filter / telemetry data".
  • Fix: Fixed missing Global.cfg when upgrading from V2022. The installer now verifies the presence of Global.cfg, copying it from V2022 if necessary. (S18687)
  • Fix: Fixed processing of advanced filter and telemetry data when the device is offline.
  • Fix: Fixed MQTT protocol when raw data are processed.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential hang of Heidenhain Traditional library.
  • New: Added option lifetime for Email log entries to limit email log size.
  • New: Implemented generic HTTP interface for MDC notifications.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.12 PreviewReleased: 24-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.12
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where translation would break stock from STL when in inches.
  • New: Machine Configuration Editor can now preview the machine.
  • New: Added axis controls to machine simulation.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.11 PreviewReleased: 21-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.11
  • Change: Web Client: Administrator privilege is now required to toggle client visibility.
  • New: Web Client: It is now possible to add reverse proxies to external web clients.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.11
  • Fix: Fixed issue with evaluating of $ env. variables with large content in ExternIO.
  • Change: Updated default read/write timeout in Flat file (HTTP) protocol.
  • Fix: Web Client: Resolved issue where using the browser's back button could result in a blank screen.
  • Fix: Web Client: Resolved an issue where the pie chart widget could occasionally exceed its bounds.
  • Fix: Fixed ExternIO FLATFILE when request data contained an additional 'NULL' character at the end.
  • Fix: Fixed ExternIO UI when values were improperly stored.
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect encoding UTF-8 in ExternIO of type 'flat file'.
  • Change: Added option in ExternIO to manual handling UTF-8 decoding of HTTP response data.
  • New: Heidenhain protocol reads now Warning / Information messages - previously they were ignored.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.11
  • Fix: Additional Triggers no longer remove extracted info from the NC program.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with associated files when a file attribute wasn't set to NCDATA / Sub-program.
  • Fix: Updating / adding associated files now works as intended when specific options are selected.
  • Fix: Drop and drop now works for files with the same name for all associated file types.
  • Fix: Versioning now works for add/update tool list, memo and setup sheet.
  • New: Log details window is now resizable.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.10 PreviewReleased: 03-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.10
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that prevented the editor to start on a monitor to the left or above of the main monitor when using multiple monitors.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the editor window would start outside the monitor when going from a multi monitor to a single monitor setup.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where macro parameter "Do no insert empty lines" was not included when making a copy of a macro.
  • Fix: Tool Setup: Units on default tools now correspond to machine setup.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.10
  • New: Implemented an additional MDC SMTP Email interface for MDC notifications.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash during a partial rebuild.
  • New: Introduced a Toshiba mdc protocol.
  • Fix: Updated FQDM resolving for Modbus protocol.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in ExternIO UI when HTTP resource wasn't properly stored - This bug was introduced with the new MQTT protocol in ExternIO.
  • New: Implemented JSON data parser for MQTT protocol.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.10
  • Fix: Fixed issue with a missing destination sub-folder when drag & drop a file to Edit in case additional triggers in Program Format are used.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.09 PreviewReleased: 20-07-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.09
  • Change: Fast simulation window is snappier when resizing.
  • Change: Improved simulation startup time.
  • Change: Improved stock/holder collision checking accuracy.
  • Change: Improved stock/rapid move collision checking accuracy.
  • Change: Stock simulation performance optimizations.
  • Fix: A rare crash when changing stock parameters while simulating stock updates.
  • Fix: Crash when using high quality stock on integrated AMD GPU's.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.09
  • Change: Added an option for a client certificate in ExtenIO MQTT protocol.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with encrypted MQTT protocol in ExternIO when a protocol prefix was truncated.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.08 PreviewReleased: 05-07-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.08
  • New: It is now possible to set the colors used in stock compare.
  • Change: Slightly improved accuracy of stock compare.
  • New: Fast simulation window now supports lathe threading.
  • Fix: Improved robustness of the fast simulation window.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the fast simulation window would sometimes crash when using tapping tools.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the simulation speed would sometimes be slower than it should be.
  • New: In fast simulation: StockCompare colors can now be set Simulation Report.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed not working function 'Delete files after' in Heidenhain FE protocol.
  • New: Web Client: Links to external web clients and webpages can now be added to the start screen of the web client.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed custom CFORMAT[] date time formatting in ExternIO.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.07 PreviewReleased: 29-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.07
  • Fix: Fixed issue when LIVE data stops working due to an error in AD login module.
  • Fix: Fixed bug in MDCMax client when a list of machines for picking on live screen and reports doesn't work properly when some machines were excluded from MDC.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.06 PreviewReleased: 20-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.06
  • Fix: Fixed issue when a machine status color was not reflected on a multi-machine operator screen.
  • New: Implemented MQTT protocol in ExternIO for publishing.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.06
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect executable names in Backup.bat and Restore.bat batch scripts. (S18248)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.05 PreviewReleased: 12-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.05
  • Fix: Fixed a possible crash when starting Backplot from the command line. (S18185)
  • New: Output work offset command next to its number in Geometry Manager.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.05
  • New: Web Client: Added support for NC-Base logins and Active Directory authentication.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.05
  • Change: Updated FLAT FILE protocol to read additional HTTP header data from ini file.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with incorrect state of DB tables in midnight cache files when DB tables are updated at midnight.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.04 PreviewReleased: 07-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.04
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the Rotate NC Function was inserting incorrect values when number of decimals was set to zero (0). (S18109)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.04
  • Change: Added option to force bktrans to use Auto Receive to add programs to NC-Base. (Configure Port/Advanced/Protocol/BKTrans/Use auto receive to add programs to NC-Base). (S17538)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.03 PreviewReleased: 07-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.03
  • New: Fast simulation now supports Turning and Mill-Turn.
  • New: Stock from box supported in Turning and Mill-Turn (Fast simulation only).
  • New: All fast simulation features now available in Turning and Mill-Turn (I.e. Stock compare, Quality zoom, Cross section planes).
  • Change: More consistent and smoother frame-rates while processing stock.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue where the previous tool could still make a single cut after a tool change.
  • Fix: Added back in quick access toolbar.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.03
  • Change: Updated MOXA IOLogic protocol to avoid issues when no messages are generated.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.03
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue occasionally causing screens to load incorrectly.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when machines removed from MDC were still available to pick for live screens and reports. (S16718)
  • Change: A list of databases for backup is now configurable in ini file.
  • Change: Improved Calculating speed when there are no messages for a particular MDC port.
  • New: MDC real-time DB tables of type TIMELINE are now automatically aligned with a system schedule.
  • New: Implemented a NEW Notification system for MDC.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.03
  • Fix: System folder in NCBase base directory is now always in English, regardless of clients idiom. Prevents issues with multiple system folders in different languages.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.02 PreviewReleased: 26-05-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.02
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with installing GroovingKernelWrapper.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.01 PreviewReleased: 25-05-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.01
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with toggling Output errors simulation setting in fast simulation.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where base machine models did not scale to inches.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where workpiece and stock rotation transform was in the wrong direction.
  • New: Added stock to leave offset to stock compare.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where initial stock from box would be slightly off.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the current tool distance along the toolpath would be incorrectly calculated.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where rapid to stock collisions would be reported which were actually not collisions.
  • Fix: Reduced size on size rapid to stock collision false positive rate.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue where tools would not cut the stock for very specific moves.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where certain tools would make corrupt cuts in the stock.
  • Change: Improved edges of the stock.
  • Change: Increased animation slider maximum speed.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.01
  • Change: Updated bktrans.exe.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.01
  • Fix: Web Client: Fix issue causing Shop Floor background to shift when saving changes.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing Web Client to become inaccessible after editing a Shop Floor screen.
  • New: Update OPC package to 5.70.1202 to fix server nonce issue.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.01
  • Change: Updated NC-Base server to latest long term support version (MariaDB Server 10.11.3 LTS).