CIMCO Software 2023 Releases

CIMCO Software 2023.01.16 PreviewReleased: 25-09-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.16
  • Fix: A crash in the fast simulation window that happened for users with special characters in the windows profile name.
  • Fix: Fixed cancel operation not working in Multi Channel Configuration dialog.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue saving user defined multi channel configuration when values contain special characters.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue saving Advanced Open search history when values contain special characters.
  • Fix: Fixed problem loading bookmarks from files containing special characters in their file path.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where bookmark names containing special characters would get mangled.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.16
  • Fix: Fixed issue with associated files not being copied.
  • New: Added the possibility to add weblink dependencies to programs.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.15 PreviewReleased: 13-09-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.15
  • Change: Changed Haas serial monitor to use Q500 only.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.15
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue where the web client failed to generate config files correctly.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.15
  • Change: When a new program is added to NCBase and only one machine group exists a machine group dialog is not displayed. When a 'Save As' button is pressed the machine group dialog shows up. (S18904)
  • Fix: Fixed a bug introduced in version 2023.01.11 when Setup, Tool and Memo sheets are added to a new program even if they are disabled. (S18902)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.14 PreviewReleased: 11-09-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.14
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where predefined tool libraries would reset on Editor startup.
  • New: Tool Setup: It is now possible to reorder libraries by selecting a library and pressing ctrl + Up/Down Arrows.
  • New: Tool/Workpiece/Fixture Collision detection now work with turning tools and revolved models.
  • Fix: An issue where collision detection for workpiece or fixtures would not work with stopping conditions when changing the models out.
  • Change: Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Left/Right ribbon bar options changes to small icons in a 3x2 grid.
  • Change: Axis control now has it's own ribbon bar button.
  • Fix: A ribbon-bar flicker when interacting with the backplot window.
  • New: Axis control now works without machine simulation.
  • Fix: An issue where small incorrect limit errors were sometimes reported.
  • Fix: An stall that could happen when generating collision report.
  • New: Machines can now be duplicated in machine configuration editor.
  • New: Machine group visibility can now be toggled in the machine configuration editor preview.
  • Change: Stock compare color setting moved to global colors and is now saved.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.14
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue in Status Screens where text was not visible for some color combinations.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.13 PreviewReleased: 31-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.13
  • Fix: Fixed a crash of Editor when Editor is being closed when NCBase and Backplot plugins are active.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue where it could become possible to run collision checking while loading machine models leading to a crash.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where changing geometry transformations would sometimes not have an effect.
  • Change: Tool no longer disengages from the spindle when controlling machine axes.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.13
  • Fix: Fixed checkbox "Pass variable to advanced filter / telemetry data".
  • Fix: Fixed missing Global.cfg when upgrading from V2022. The installer now verifies the presence of Global.cfg, copying it from V2022 if necessary. (S18687)
  • Fix: Fixed processing of advanced filter and telemetry data when the device is offline.
  • Fix: Fixed MQTT protocol when raw data are processed.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential hang of Heidenhain Traditional library.
  • New: Added option lifetime for Email log entries to limit email log size.
  • New: Implemented generic HTTP interface for MDC notifications.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.12 PreviewReleased: 24-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.12
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where translation would break stock from STL when in inches.
  • New: Machine Configuration Editor can now preview the machine.
  • New: Added axis controls to machine simulation.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.11 PreviewReleased: 21-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.11
  • Change: Web Client: Administrator privilege is now required to toggle client visibility.
  • New: Web Client: It is now possible to add reverse proxies to external web clients.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.11
  • Fix: Fixed issue with evaluating of $ env. variables with large content in ExternIO.
  • Change: Updated default read/write timeout in Flat file (HTTP) protocol.
  • Fix: Web Client: Resolved issue where using the browser's back button could result in a blank screen.
  • Fix: Web Client: Resolved an issue where the pie chart widget could occasionally exceed its bounds.
  • Fix: Fixed ExternIO FLATFILE when request data contained an additional 'NULL' character at the end.
  • Fix: Fixed ExternIO UI when values were improperly stored.
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect encoding UTF-8 in ExternIO of type 'flat file'.
  • Change: Added option in ExternIO to manual handling UTF-8 decoding of HTTP response data.
  • New: Heidenhain protocol reads now Warning / Information messages - previously they were ignored.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.11
  • Fix: Additional Triggers no longer remove extracted info from the NC program.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with associated files when a file attribute wasn't set to NCDATA / Sub-program.
  • Fix: Updating / adding associated files now works as intended when specific options are selected.
  • Fix: Drop and drop now works for files with the same name for all associated file types.
  • Fix: Versioning now works for add/update tool list, memo and setup sheet.
  • New: Log details window is now resizable.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.10 PreviewReleased: 03-08-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.10
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that prevented the editor to start on a monitor to the left or above of the main monitor when using multiple monitors.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the editor window would start outside the monitor when going from a multi monitor to a single monitor setup.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where macro parameter "Do no insert empty lines" was not included when making a copy of a macro.
  • Fix: Tool Setup: Units on default tools now correspond to machine setup.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.10
  • New: Implemented an additional MDC SMTP Email interface for MDC notifications.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash during a partial rebuild.
  • New: Introduced a Toshiba mdc protocol.
  • Fix: Updated FQDM resolving for Modbus protocol.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in ExternIO UI when HTTP resource wasn't properly stored - This bug was introduced with the new MQTT protocol in ExternIO.
  • New: Implemented JSON data parser for MQTT protocol.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.10
  • Fix: Fixed issue with a missing destination sub-folder when drag & drop a file to Edit in case additional triggers in Program Format are used.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.09 PreviewReleased: 20-07-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.09
  • Change: Fast simulation window is snappier when resizing.
  • Change: Improved simulation startup time.
  • Change: Improved stock/holder collision checking accuracy.
  • Change: Improved stock/rapid move collision checking accuracy.
  • Change: Stock simulation performance optimizations.
  • Fix: A rare crash when changing stock parameters while simulating stock updates.
  • Fix: Crash when using high quality stock on integrated AMD GPU's.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.09
  • Change: Added an option for a client certificate in ExtenIO MQTT protocol.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with encrypted MQTT protocol in ExternIO when a protocol prefix was truncated.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.08 PreviewReleased: 05-07-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.08
  • New: It is now possible to set the colors used in stock compare.
  • Change: Slightly improved accuracy of stock compare.
  • New: Fast simulation window now supports lathe threading.
  • Fix: Improved robustness of the fast simulation window.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the fast simulation window would sometimes crash when using tapping tools.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the simulation speed would sometimes be slower than it should be.
  • New: In fast simulation: StockCompare colors can now be set Simulation Report.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed not working function 'Delete files after' in Heidenhain FE protocol.
  • New: Web Client: Links to external web clients and webpages can now be added to the start screen of the web client.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed custom CFORMAT[] date time formatting in ExternIO.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.07 PreviewReleased: 29-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.07
  • Fix: Fixed issue when LIVE data stops working due to an error in AD login module.
  • Fix: Fixed bug in MDCMax client when a list of machines for picking on live screen and reports doesn't work properly when some machines were excluded from MDC.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.06 PreviewReleased: 20-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.06
  • Fix: Fixed issue when a machine status color was not reflected on a multi-machine operator screen.
  • New: Implemented MQTT protocol in ExternIO for publishing.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.06
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect executable names in Backup.bat and Restore.bat batch scripts. (S18248)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.05 PreviewReleased: 12-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.05
  • Fix: Fixed a possible crash when starting Backplot from the command line. (S18185)
  • New: Output work offset command next to its number in Geometry Manager.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.05
  • New: Web Client: Added support for NC-Base logins and Active Directory authentication.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.05
  • Change: Updated FLAT FILE protocol to read additional HTTP header data from ini file.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with incorrect state of DB tables in midnight cache files when DB tables are updated at midnight.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.04 PreviewReleased: 07-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.04
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the Rotate NC Function was inserting incorrect values when number of decimals was set to zero (0). (S18109)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.04
  • Change: Added option to force bktrans to use Auto Receive to add programs to NC-Base. (Configure Port/Advanced/Protocol/BKTrans/Use auto receive to add programs to NC-Base). (S17538)
CIMCO Software 2023.01.03 PreviewReleased: 07-06-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.03
  • New: Fast simulation now supports Turning and Mill-Turn.
  • New: Stock from box supported in Turning and Mill-Turn (Fast simulation only).
  • New: All fast simulation features now available in Turning and Mill-Turn (I.e. Stock compare, Quality zoom, Cross section planes).
  • Change: More consistent and smoother frame-rates while processing stock.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue where the previous tool could still make a single cut after a tool change.
  • Fix: Added back in quick access toolbar.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.03
  • Change: Updated MOXA IOLogic protocol to avoid issues when no messages are generated.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.03
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue occasionally causing screens to load incorrectly.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when machines removed from MDC were still available to pick for live screens and reports. (S16718)
  • Change: A list of databases for backup is now configurable in ini file.
  • Change: Improved Calculating speed when there are no messages for a particular MDC port.
  • New: MDC real-time DB tables of type TIMELINE are now automatically aligned with a system schedule.
  • New: Implemented a NEW Notification system for MDC.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.03
  • Fix: System folder in NCBase base directory is now always in English, regardless of clients idiom. Prevents issues with multiple system folders in different languages.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.02 PreviewReleased: 26-05-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.02
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with installing GroovingKernelWrapper.
CIMCO Software 2023.01.01 PreviewReleased: 25-05-23Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2023.01.01
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with toggling Output errors simulation setting in fast simulation.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where base machine models did not scale to inches.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where workpiece and stock rotation transform was in the wrong direction.
  • New: Added stock to leave offset to stock compare.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where initial stock from box would be slightly off.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the current tool distance along the toolpath would be incorrectly calculated.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where rapid to stock collisions would be reported which were actually not collisions.
  • Fix: Reduced size on size rapid to stock collision false positive rate.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare issue where tools would not cut the stock for very specific moves.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where certain tools would make corrupt cuts in the stock.
  • Change: Improved edges of the stock.
  • Change: Increased animation slider maximum speed.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2023.01.01
  • Change: Updated bktrans.exe.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2023.01.01
  • Fix: Web Client: Fix issue causing Shop Floor background to shift when saving changes.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing Web Client to become inaccessible after editing a Shop Floor screen.
  • New: Update OPC package to 5.70.1202 to fix server nonce issue.
CIMCO NC-Base 2023.01.01
  • Change: Updated NC-Base server to latest long term support version (MariaDB Server 10.11.3 LTS).