CIMCO Software 2024 Releases

CIMCO Software 2024.01.14 PreviewReleased: 29-05-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.14
  • Fix: Fanuc milling reverse post: polar coordinates mode G15/G16.
  • Fix: Heidenhain milling reverse post: cycle 10. (S21497)
  • Fix: Fix possible infinite loop when contacting license server. (S21491)
  • Fix: Reverse post: Machine start position at tool change position defined in inches. (S21472)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.14
  • Fix: Macro number (Number data type) is not rounded anymore.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when MDC client doesn't show Database Setup icon when not connected to any database. Issue introduced in previous version 2024.01.13.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.14
  • Fix: Fixed icons from associated files not appearing as in Windows Explorer. (S20453)
CIMCO Software 2024.01.13 PreviewReleased: 23-05-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.13
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post: Tool length compensation and rotary axes positions. (S21404)
  • Fix: Workpiece/Fixture collisions not reported after toggling visibility of machine models.
  • Fix: Fanuc Milling reverse post: G12.1 support. (S17947)
  • New: Added 3DConnexion support.
  • New: Added Show/Hide Tool to presentation viewer.
  • New: Added View Reset to presentation viewer.
  • New: Added a hint for NVidia and AMD GPUs to be used by default when starting presentation viewer.
  • Fix: An issue where stock simplification didn't simplify the entire mesh.
  • Fix: Dimples when importing certain STL files as stock.
  • Fix: Reverse post: G80 cancels G81/89 if commanded in the same line. (S14319)
  • Fix: Milling reverse posts: Added "Top of Z limit" option for "Machine start position" setting. (S21301)
  • Fix: Okuma milling reverse post: G81/G84 wrong retract issue.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: CYCL DEF 7 issue. (S21260)
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: FN 17: SYSWRITE ID502 support.
  • Fix: Fixed clipped macro description text in Insert Macro dialog.
  • Fix: Siemens Milling reverse post: polar programming support. (S21065)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.13
  • Change: Updated Haas serial monitoring protocol. (S20902)
  • Change: Added support for additional information when exporting port listing. (S21206)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.13
  • New: More granular permissions in MDC. (S18643)
  • Fix: Fixed a memory leak in the new WEB API.
  • New: Web Client: Pie chart widgets in dashboards can now be configured with user defined colors.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.12 PreviewReleased: 13-05-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.12
  • New: Added Heidenhain ISO Milling reverse post.
  • Fix: A regression where collision checking would hang.
  • Fix: Reverse post: zero offset function (G52). (S21270)
  • New: Added Zoom window to presentation viewer.
  • New: Added Cross section to presentation viewer.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.12
  • Fix: Fixed Haas protocol setup sheet when only one defined variable was listed after configuration dialog reopening.
  • Fix: Fixed a potential crash of MDC server / client when a formatted timestamp is beyond a reasonable value.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.11 PreviewReleased: 08-05-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.11
  • Fix: Okuma milling reverse post: G81 retract issue. (S21265)
  • Fix: Reverse post: Showing last commanded tool when portion of G-code is selected. (S21156)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.11
  • Fix: Fixed problem with 'Disable global client setting updates'. (S21247)
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.11
  • Fix: Fixed an issue when the MDC doesn't start if a legacy connector 4448 is disabled.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.10 PreviewReleased: 07-05-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.10
  • Change: Updated legacy connector to provide an information in a dump file after an unexpected connector crash.
  • Fix: Fixed MTConnect.
  • Change: Updated restoring of MDC configuration.
  • Fix: Webclient: Fixed issue with continued updates of timelines if the same timeline was present in multiple dashboards.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.09 PreviewReleased: 03-05-24Register to download
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.09
  • Fix: Reverse post subprogram file search in some cases when file name is specified without extension.
  • Fix: Fanuc milling reverse post: U/V/W collinear axes support. M98Q support.
  • New: Stopped spindle to stock now has 3 modes and default is to cut the stock normally.
  • Fix: Haas Milling reverse posts: L0 command handling.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.09
  • Fix: Fixed issue with client being stuck if certain settings are used.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.08 PreviewReleased: 30-04-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Software 2024.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where CIMCO Update was not being uninstalled when uninstalling the software. (S21229)
  • Fix: Updated MSSQL connector to avoid a potential crash.
  • Change: Update SQL middle-ware library (V5.3.1).
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.08
  • Fix: An issue where Save Presentation didn't save the view correctly when backplotting turning programs.
  • Fix: An issue where auto suggest didn't show the suggestion when the list contained only 1 item.
  • Fix: An issue where workpiece and fixture didn't load from scanned geometries with backplot file.
  • Fix: An issue where weird geometry could be generated for certain tools.
  • Fix: Toolpath statistics issue when in inch mode. (S20960)
  • Fix: An issue where the backplot rendering area would be wrong for certain drivers when not in NVidia GDI compatible mode and windows scaling was not 100%
  • New: Backplot now renders in high resolution when using windows scaling.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed issue in FOCAS protocol when an uploaded program was set on the controller as active even if the transmission failed. (S20738)
  • Fix: Fixed issue with NCBase logins.
  • Fix: Fixed issues related to the client.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.08
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing non-ASCII characters to be wrongly encoded in Dashboards.
  • Change: Improved responsiveness of the MDC during startup (Calculating).
  • Fix: Translations configuration is now included within MDC-Max backup. (S21197)
  • Fix: Fixed a potential issue when data in real-time DB tables was not properly aligned - applies for mariadb.
  • Change: Error message is not displayed anymore if no email configuration exists.
  • Fix: MTConnect update.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.08
  • Fix: Fixed search fields overlapping when machine search was disabled.
  • New: Web Client: Added 'Locked', 'Unlocked', 'Last 24-hours', 'Last 7-days', and 'Deleted' search buttons to the web client.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.07 PreviewReleased: 22-04-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.07
  • Fix: An issue where there could be false positive stock/holder collisions.
  • Fix: Brother reverse post: subprogram call issues with G65 and M98H. (S21113)
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: cycle 411 issue. (S21080)
  • Fix: Brother milling reverse post G81, G85, G77, G78. (S21113)
  • Fix: Okuma milling reverse post: G81 retract value and G30 reference position. (S21105)
  • Fix: Tool path statistics min Z value. (S20960)
  • Fix: Reverse post: Tool center point control issue producing wrong linear move.
  • Fix: Hurco milling reverse post G68.2 command.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.07
  • Fix: MTConnect update.
  • Change: Updated ExternIO - MQTT to avoid a potentially duplicated messages when publishing.
  • New: Added a new configuration sheet to change max log lifetime for HW outputs.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.07
  • Fix: Fixed crash when previewing PNG files.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.06 PreviewReleased: 16-04-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.06
  • Fix: Added "shortest" rotary axis positioning setting to all turning reverse posts that support mill-turn.
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post cycles 976/979. (S21017)
  • Fix: An issue where measure distance information overlapped with toolpath information when windows scaling was not 100%.
  • Fix: An issue where solid simulation did not work with Intel integrated graphics cards.
  • New: Machine builder geometry mounting options added to linear table axes.
  • Fix: An issue where some stl geometries with special characters in the path failed to load.
  • Fix: An issue where some turning moves would make corrupt cuts.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.06
  • Fix: Web client: Fix encoding issues in web clients.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.06
  • Fix: Fixed MTConnect direct protocol.
  • New: New HW outputs introduced in MDC.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.06
  • New: Web client: Video files can now be previewed in the browser.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.05 PreviewReleased: 08-04-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.05
  • New: Improved stock simulation accuracy of 5 axis ball mill tools.
  • New: Machine builder automatically sets rotation axis direction from axis letter.
  • New: Optimized stock simplification.
  • Fix: Fixed wrong rotations in some cases when applying positive/negative tilt setting. (S20917)
  • Fix: Reverse post: supported comments before value/assignment when defining variable. (S18145)
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: added "Map letters" setting.
  • New: Stand-alone simulation mode can now toggle stock compare.
  • Fix: An issue where some turning tools would cut more material that intended in stock simulation.
  • Fix: A stock issue, where corners were sometimes chamfered off during simplification.
  • Fix: An issue where very certain helical arcs would become invalid.
  • Fix: Siemens probing cycle 977 rib measuring direction issue. (S20871)
  • Fix: Okuma Turning reverse post: "A" angle value support in G0/G1. (S20858)
  • Fix: Hurco reverse post: Set tool number max value to 999. (S20845)
  • Fix: Reverse post: issue with applying default works offset when no work offset calls in the program.
  • Fix: An issue where stock STL export would also be in millimeters.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.05
  • Fix: Fixed problem starting debug log when not logged in.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue affecting the ability to send files and port visibility when NC-Base link was inactive.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.05
  • Change: Updated SQL query for MSSQL for RT DB tables to avoid DNC server crash.
  • Change: Updated loading DAT files from a csv file larger then 2 GB.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when slideshow time couldn't be set in the Client setup dialog. (S20805)
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.05
  • Fix: NC-Base Server automatically updates user-password column. (For MariaDB case: update is done when stop and start of the database is done. For MSSQL case: update is done automatically once you open the database server dialog).
  • Change: Added a shortcut CTRL+L to open program / file location.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when 'Enable trigger' in Program format was unchecked after setup dialog reopen. (S20921)
  • Change: Optimized SQL query for MSSQL when advanced search 'All fields' is used.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.04 PreviewReleased: 20-03-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.04
  • Fix: SolidWorks keyboard mapping in fast simulation mode. (S18735)
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post: supported cycles SLOT1, SLOT2. (S18959)
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: CYCL 414 measuring direction. (S20774)
  • Fix: Siemens milling reverse post: added LONGHOLE cycle support. (S18959)
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.04
  • Fix: Fixed issues when attempting admin things when logged in as user.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.03 PreviewReleased: 18-03-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.03
  • Fix: Rotary axis mode not setting correctly in some cases. (S20747)
  • Fix: Okuma reverse post: subprogram calls by number.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: approach point in cycle 409.
  • Fix: Heidenhain reverse post: Supported cycles 230, 231, 232. (S14296)
  • Fix: Fagor Turning reverse post: Supported J value in G68. (S20106)
  • New: Hidden model collisions can now be turned ON/OFF.
  • New: Tool/Workpiece collisions can now be checked during rapid moves only in collision report.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.03
  • Fix: Fixed password / admin issues.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when client was logged in as user and then tried to perform task that required admin permissions.
  • Fix: Fixed issues with client side login on localipc.
  • New: Web Client: It is now possible to select and send multiple files at the same time.
  • New: Web Client: Added support for Windows Authentication Single-Sign-On.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.03
  • Change: Added $ALARMDESC and $ALARMCODE in MTConnect telemetry protocol.
  • Fix: Citizen: added reading part count, added control modes.
  • Change: Monitorlog trigger is checked at every MDC start.
  • New: Added a unique sequence id per connection '$SEQUENCEID' in ExternIO.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.03
  • New: Web Client: Added support for Windows Authentication Single-Sign-On.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.02 PreviewReleased: 11-03-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.02
  • New: Presentation mode. Export the current simulation to a file to be opened as a stand-alone simulation.
  • New: Tool Setup: Milling assemblies can now be set to a 270 deg. orientation.
  • Fix: An issue where custom tools by name in tool scanning would not work if the name contained white-spaces.
  • Fix: An issue where integration tool exports work origin would sometimes not be imported correctly when in inches.
  • New: Toolpath statistics graph: Showing information tooltip for selected point. Using "arrow" keyboard buttons for scrolling zoomed graph. (S17883)
  • New: Okuma Milling reverse post: Renishaw probing cycles support.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.02
  • Fix: Focas: added support for floating numbers when macro function is used.
  • Fix: Fixed Focas: PMC variables formatting. Fixed part count mode configuration.
  • Change: Web client: Reduce web server size and improve install speed.
  • New: Columns width in the MDC Events log view is now saved. (S20372)
  • New: Implemented a help function to load DAT files from a csv file to the database. In 'System tables' CTRL+L shows up a File opening dialog.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.02
  • Fix: Fixed issue when a database field is updated from file content even its trigger is disabled.
  • Fix: Added authentication to modify/insert user table request.
CIMCO Software 2024.01.01 PreviewReleased: 04-03-24
Changes since previous version:
CIMCO Edit 2024.01.01
  • Fix: An issue where rotational axis limits converted to MM when the machine was defined in inches.
  • Fix: Fanuc milling reverse post: G15/16 command support. (S20102)
  • New: Renishaw probing cycles support for Haas and Mazak milling reverse posts.
  • New: Fanuc Milling reverse post: Renishaw probing cycles support.
  • Fix: An issue where transparency didn't work in standard Backplot.
  • Fix: Roeders reverse post: Supported ".sub" program file extension.
  • New: Reduced stl export file sizes.
CIMCO DNC-Max 2024.01.01
  • Change: Updated MTConnect agent launch thread.
  • Change: Increased number of connections to the DNC server (port 4444) from 64 to 256.
  • Fix: Web Client: Implemented additional security enhancements.
  • Change: Upgrade Node.js to latest LTS version.
CIMCO MDC-Max 2024.01.01
  • Change: Added Dashboards and Shop Floor View to the MDC-Max permission system.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with configuration UI when all setup data was blank.
  • Fix: Fixed Mitsubishi control modes, execution status.
  • Fix: Web Client: Fixed issue causing web clients to not load fonts correctly on some local networks.
CIMCO NC-Base 2024.01.01
  • Fix: Fixed issue with advanced search in NC-Base when MSSQL is used.
  • New: Added a basic NC-Base web client. Requires a DNC-Max server.