Strategies for 2D Milling and Turning

CIMCO CNC-Calc makes it easy to lay out toolpaths for milling and turning as well as drilling operations. By applying suited toolpath strategies to your model CNC-Calc can generate the NC toolpaths for you. CIMCO CNC-Calc includes the following milling and turning toolpath strategies.

Constant Cut Inside Out

A strategy that works in the same way as the pocket milling operation, but the strategy used to mill this internal pocket is a constant cut strategy. The constant cut strategy is a very efficient and fast strategy because it allows the operator to use very high feedrates and to take very deep cuts.

Constant Cut Ouside In

This operation is used to mill the part from the outside in. That means that it can mill an open pocket or the top of a part where some islands protrude. This operation is generated using the very effective Constant Cut Strategy. All Constant Cut Milling strategies can be generated as Climb, Conventional or both way milling.


The facing strategy is designed for quick part facing to prepare the raw stock for further machining, but can also be used for clearing flat areas in general.


Machine 2D contours with separate lead-in and lead-out, multiple roughing and finishing passes, and multiple depth cuts. Machine open and closed contours without creating additional geometry and eliminate sharp motion with corner smoothing.


Machine closed contours with and without islands. The pocket toolpath can be performed using either a conventional or climb milling strategy. The entry is selected anywhere on the model and includes options for plunge, ramp, or helix.


Strategies for drilling and hole making are available in CIMCO CNC-Calc. These include drilling, counterboring, and tapping operations.

Thread Milling

Thread milling makes it possible to mill internal or external threads. It is also possible to mill several holes as long as they have the same pitch, etc. For machines that do not support helix movements, it is possible to linearize these movements.

Letter Milling

CIMCO CNC-Calc also supports milling of text. Any true-type font can be used. Simply write the text you need to mill, and CNC-Calc can gener- ate the toolpaths for the text and convert them into CNC code.

Constant Cut Turning

This new operation uses the Constant Cut Strategy to generate a very efficient roughing operation. This operation can be generated as a one way or both ways operation to improve the performance.


The Roughing operation makes it possible to remove material fast and easily. The Roughing strategy enables the user to remove this material with the use of both roughing and finishing passes.


The facing strategy is designed for quick part end facing. This strategy is controlled either by entering coordinates or snapping existing geometry.


The Finish strategy is a fast way to take the final finishing cut, making the part complete.


The Grooving operation enables the use of grooving tools to reach those places that can not be reached with normal roughing and finishing tools. As a possibility the entries can be performed with pecking motions.

Thread (ID, OD)

It is possible to machine every thread OD and ID (you can even choose from standard tables – metric or inch). Also, conical easily produced.


Use the cutoff operation to cut off the part. The cutoff operation makes it possible to add complex corner geometry to the part before cutoff. The corner geometry can be rounded, chamfered, or chamfered with rounded corners.