Features in DNC-Max

Compatibility, software updates

Compatible with your CNCs

In addition to standard Fanuc/Haas style controls DNC-Max includes comprehensive support for Heidenhain, Mazak, Fagor, and many others.

Compatible with your files

Whether you set up your first system or replace an existing, the DNC application you choose must be compatible with your data. DNC-Max eliminates the need to update all your existing programs.

Compatible with standard hardware

Works with industry standard RS-232 serial communications hardware, including Ethernet and Wireless serial device servers, traditional card based hardware, and existing legacy hardware.

+1500 point releases

Unlike any other DNC product, DNC-Max has been consistently improved over the past decade to meet increasing customer requirements. More than 1500 point releases since version 4.
Client/Server, configuration, port organization

Dedicated Windows-based client

The DNC-Max PC Client is the application used for local/remote file transfers, port monitoring and management. Access multiple DNC-Max Servers across a LAN, WAN or the Internet.

Modern and responsive Web Client

The DNC-Max Web Client is a modern, browser-based application that works on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV. Supports local/remote file transfers, file preview and port organization.

Robust and reliable server

The DNC-Max server supports up to 4000 simultaneous ports per server. Users can choose to run the Server as a service in the background or as an application.

Single server or distributed solution

Depending on requirements, client and server can be installed on the same PC or multiple dedicated servers with thousands of clients accessing the servers across facilities.

Most network protocols supported

DNC-Max supports a near complete range of both standard and specialized network protocols to communicate with most manufacturing equipment, including Heidenhain, Mazak, Deckel, Agie, Fagor, Brother, Modbus, and many more.

Predefined and custom port templates

Add new ports to your DNC system by selecting from a large set of predefined machine port templates or create your own.

Port status and organization

The DNC-Max clients present a tree-view of your available ports with clear status indications. Organize ports in groups and sub-groups for optimal overview.

Port configuration across servers

Manage multiple servers from the DNC-Max Client across LAN, WAN, and Internet. Add, remove, configure or migrate ports, while server(s) are running.

Parametric system configuration

System variables and settings are utilized for rapid installation, configuration, and on-going system maintenance. Changes persist through-out the entire system.
Send, receive, remote request

Send, receive and dripfeed programs

Select a port, program file(s) and click Send. Files are added to the Queue and transferred sequentially. Advanced options for unlimited filesize dripfeeding if supported by CNC.

Transfer from line/block or tool change

Transfer from any point in a program. From line/block number or tool change. Tool changes, feedrate and spindle speed are monitored to ensure that correct tool and feed/speed is used. Supports mid-program restart in cases such as after tool breaks.

Remote request

Remote request programs from the CNC control or mobile device. Supports DNC restart and file looping, extensive directory and sub-directory support, directory prioritization, filters, and wildcards.

Barcode reader support

Request the correct program files efficiently at the machine by scanning barcodes. Helps avoid typing mistakes, confusion and saves time.

Auto-receive and naming

Configure and automate naming conventions and directories where incomming (received) files should be saved to.

Parameter offsets

DNC-Max enables you to offset parameters in your NC program before it is sent to the machine. Specify your offset values and DNC-Max will automatically update your program.

Supports FTP file transfers

Full support for communicating directly with machines that support Ethernet TCP/IP FTP transfers.
Security, versioning, licensing

User access control

Control the level of access users have on both server and client level limiting configuration and control options to key personnel.

Logging and notifications

Real-time logging of DNC system and machine activity, and the ability to send status reports and notifications directly to CNC operators.


Programs that have been changed by an operator can automatically be raised in version or stored in a quarantine area. Easily track changes and revert to previous versions.

License Server Support

Floating licenses allows you the flexibility of licensing only the exact number of applications needed for your unique system configuration.