Faster editing at PC

Work with NC programs on your PC, in a familiar Windows-based application instead of on complicated machine controls. Speed up your work with time-saving, NC-code specific functions.

Error-free code

Use code suggestions, syntax checking and error reports to help you write error-free NC code or take advantage of 3D simulation to visually verify and identify problematic toolpaths and tool motion.

Work smarter

Define associated objects such as workpiece, tools and holders directly in your NC programs for 1-click setup when simulating. Generate an operation structure for faster program navigation, track variable state and more.

Better Tool Management

Easily view and modify tools in your NC program for fast, iterative testing and simulation. Import tools from external systems, create your own libraries or choose from hundreds of predefined tools.

Transfers to and from machine

Manage program transfers to and from machines with reliable and configurable DNC RS-232 and FTP communications support.

Scalable and integrated

Proven in thousands of shops worldwide, powerful add-ons, fully integrated with the CIMCO suite of software products and built for integration with external systems.

Essential editing tools

Comprehensive set of editing tool including line numbering, renumbering, character handling, XYZ range finder, tool compensation, basic math functions, and more.

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Point at any M or G code and the NC-Assistant will identify the code and allow you to modify its values using an interactive interface linked to the CNC code. Input the desired values and the code is updated automatically.

File Compare

The file compare identifies new, changed and deleted lines, but ignores trivial format changes such as block renumbering and spacing. Differences are displayed one line at a time, all at once or printed side-by-side for offline review.

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Cycles and Macros

Quickly insert and edit cycles and operations or record your own for the operations most common to your setup. Includes built-in cycles and macros for program start, stop, tool change, and many more.

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Tool Manager

Easily view and modify the tools in your NC program. Simply copy/replace tools from your library to your active tool list and vice versa with the additional access to hundreds of predefined tools and holders.

Using the Tool Manager

Backplot and Solid Simulation

Simulate your NC programs in 3D with the 3,4,5 axis milling and turning backplotter. Supports high-resolution simulation of stock material removal, toolholder collision checking, gouge detection and more.

Simulation in CIMCO Edit 2022Turning in CIMCO Edit 2022Mill-turn demonstration

Scanning Commands

Automate the task of creating tools, loading geometry, specifying work offsets and defining stock when starting Backplot or Machine Simulation. All of these, and more, can be defined using scanning commands in your NC program or an external file.

Scanning in CIMCO Edit 2022Navigation in CIMCO Edit 2022More information

Variable Watch

Track the initial and current state of variables in your NC program while the simulation is running or when selecting specific lines. Machine state variables are also supported.

Free online courses

A great introduction to CIMCO Edit. Our online training courses teaches you milling and turning, trigonometry, NC code, and much more.

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Basic functionality
Translated to 20+ languages
Online help and training courses
Modern, Windows-based editor with drag-and-drop editing
NC specific options (math, transforms and more)
Bookmarks support
Append/Prepend files to NC program
Adjust spindle speed and feed rate
Files and programs
No program size limitations
Open multiple programs simultaneously in tabs
Advanced Open with search and export of results
Filetype support for ISO Turning/Milling, Heidenhain TNC, and Text files
Filetype specific configurations, properties and program codes
Filetype specific commands (renumbering, tool change, colors, backplot, etc.)
Machine Templates with machine specific characters and commands for NC code
Auto-save files at configured interval
Create backup when saving a file
Check and notify of changes to file outside editor
Remember open files and cursor position when reopening application
Associate file-extensions with CIMCO Edit
Code assist
NC-Assistant: Code suggestions and adaptable interface
Syntax, semantic and run-time error checking and highlighting
Predefined/Custom Cycles and Macros (suggested or record your own)
Side-by-side File Compare
Fast and configurable side-by-side file compare
Identify new, removed and altered lines
Ignores trivial format changes (block renumbering and spacing)
Display differences one line at a time or all at once
Single step through differences
Compare both open and un-opened files
Side-by-side printing of differences for offline review
Synch differences between files
Export comparison results to file
Search and replace
Standard Search/Replace of strings
Search for text or predefined operations such as tool change
Quickly jump to next/prev tool change
Replace from file: define multiple match and replace statements
Support for Regular Expressions in Replace
Replace, remove or swap addresses with Address Adjustement tool
Create Bookmarks from search results
Toolpath Statistics
Program statistics for X,Y,Z range, time, cutting length and more
Cycle time, including tool change, for individual or all tools combined
Export toolpath statistics
View current or multiple programs in Multi-Channel mode
Synchronize/lock scrolling
Supports viewing, editing and printing
Program Conversion
Convert between Heidenhain and ISO
Wireframe backplot of 3,4,5 axis milling and turning
Solid mode for simulating material removal
Simulation of control-specific NC code
High-resolution, responsive 3D graphics
Numerous playback modes and 3D navigation controls
Numerous tool and toolpath visualization modes
Full Screen support
Program modifications are automatically reflected in the simulation
Configuration of stock
Define machine setup with integrated Machine Configuration Editor
Load STL files for workpiece, fixture, holders, etc.
Faster setup with automatic loading of associated files
Manage geometry, work offsets, origin, etc. with Geometry Manager
Generate operations-tree for better overview and navigation
Track the scope and state of program variables
Synchronize simulation and NC code scroll/highlight
Measure distances while in simulation
Export backplot as DXF file
Tool Manager
Manage and view tools in current program
Modify, copy or replace tools
Create libraries with custom tools
Thousands of predefined tools
Tool preview with measurements
Tool Lists
Auto-generate Tool list from program
Configure how tool information is defined for different filetypes
Create your own Tool list templates
Machine communication / DNC
Supports transfers over Serial RS-232
Includes FTP client for transfers to machines with FTP server
Simultaneous communication with up to 16 machines
Detailed information about transfers and status
Many options including ISO standard
Syntax highlight, headers/footers, Raw print, font type/size
Supports printing of Multi-Channel programs
Print programs in four columns to save paper
Reverse Post system
Possible to read and process any machine specific NC program
Enables simulation of control-specific NC code (See Simulation)
Simplified creation of Reverse Posts
Time-saving integration with CAM systems
Execute commands on external applications and receive output
API available for controlling certain functionality in CIMCO Edit
CIMCO Machine Simulation: Simulate programs on machines in 3D
CIMCO NC-Base: NC Program Management
CIMCO Mazatrol Viewer: View Mazatrol files for milling and turning
CIMCO MDC-Max: Manufacturing data collection and machine monitoring solution
CIMCO MDM: Total manufacturing document management solution
CIMCO DNC-Max: Advanced CNC communication