Version Comparison

CIMCO Edit comes in two versions. CIMCO Edit Professional is the popular solution most widely selected by our customers, but if you do not need the full-featured version you may choose our CIMCO Edit Standard. This solution, for example combined with a DNC Link add-on, is often the choice of customers, who need only basic editing features and straight-forward transmission of files to a few machines.

Main differences between Standard and Professional

Open multiple programs
File Compare
Add/remove block numbers
Add/remove spaces
Add/remove block skips
Add/remove strings
Change to uppercase
Remove empty lines
Remove comments
Adjust spindle speed and feed rate
Simple math functions
Rotate, Mirror,Translate
Toolpath statistics
Make tool list
NC Assistant
Multi-Channel Editing/Viewing
Heidenhain/ISO Converter
Tool Manager
Scanning Commands
Variable Watch
Machine Configuration Editor
Stock Compare
Download Machines – CIMCO Machine Simulation Add-on
Export Stock as STL
Add Multiple Workpiece/Fixture/Stock
Simulation Report
DNC Ports Standard serial protocolOptionalOptional
Mazatrol Viewer Add-On AvailableOptionalOptional
CNC-Calc Add-On AvailableOptionalOptional
NC-Base Add-On Available OptionalOptional
Machine Simulation Add-On AvailableOptional