Eliminate costly programming mistakes

CIMCO Machine Simulation helps eliminate costly programming mistakes and accelerates onsite startup by providing a price competitive and user-friendly solution for CNC machine simulation.

Machine Simulation enables you to prove-out your NC code on a 3D model of your CNC machine and see the exact movement of components such as heads, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, workpieces, and even peripheral devices. Collisions, over-travel errors, and close-calls are automatically detected to ensure that error-free code is sent to the physical machine.

Video: Machine Simulation (1:31 Min)

Collision detection

Turbine toolpath

Parallel toolpath

Spiral swarf toolpath

Simulating Haas UMC750

Simulating Haas VF2 – HRT210
(horizontal rotary A-axis)

Simulating Haas UMC1000

Machine Simulation in-depth

How to add models

How to download machines

How to configure scanning

How to set the default load path

How to use the Tool Manager

Simulation of Doosan, Hwacheon and Quaser machines

Doosan DNM350 with
Heidenhain control

Doosan VC630 with
Heidenhain control

Hwacheon M2 with
Heidenhain control

Hwacheon M2 with
Fanuc control

Quaser UX600


  • Eliminate costly programming mistakes
  • Increase shop safety
  • Accelerate onsite startup
  • Reduce downtime, scrap and rework
  • Faster iterations
  • Optimize toolpaths
  • Faster shifting of jobs between available machines
  • Train at the PC instead of at the machine
  • Utilize the powerful functionality in CIMCO Edit
  • Affordable and user-friendly

Full control of the simulation

Analyze the simulation in dynamic 3D with video-style controls. Adjustable speed in both directions and options for jumping to next/previous tool, cutting pass or move. Zoom, pan and rotate to see exactly what is going on.

Verification and close inspection

Side-by-side display of NC code and simulation. Code blocks are highlighted in synchronization with the simulation and errors are clearly visualized.

Analysis and debugging

Detailed overview of all errors with auto-generated Simulation Report. Jump directly to the code block that is causing an error, modify your code and the Simulation Report is updated to verify if the problem was resolved.

Machine definition

Machine definitions are visualized in a machine-tree where properties of components such as head, table, and workpiece can be viewed or visibility toggled. Support for 3, 4 and 5-axis milling machines are currently available.

Fully integrated with CIMCO Edit

CIMCO Machine Simulation is developed as a fully integrated add-on for CIMCO Edit that works as a powerful alternative to the existing Backplot and Solid Simulation. The integration also means you have direct access to all the powerful functions in CIMCO Edit that combined provides a highly effecient solution for doing iterations of simulating and fixing problems in your code.

Learn more about CIMCO Edit

Please use the following document when providing the details of your machine(s).
Contact and Machine Definition.pdf