Manage all of your manufacturing related documents

Manufacturing companies often need to manage large amounts of documents such as CAD/CAM files, NC programs, setup sheets, tool lists, and QA documents. Not having all of these documents securely stored, organized, and made accessible this can lead to wasted time, decreased production, and costly mistakes.

CIMCO MDM provides all the functionality you would expect from a modern information management system, and then some. MDM lets you collect and structure all of your manufacturing related documents on a central server and provides options for handling file/folder restrictions, user permissions, automated processes, backup/restore, and version control.

CIMCO MDM can integrate with all of your existing software applications and machines. It provides a central hub for managing and controlling all of your manufacturing related data, for accessing your applications, and helps ensure that authorized employees and machines get access to the right information efficiently.

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  • Secure storage of documents on central server

    All manufacturing documents are securely stored on a server

  • Secure User and Group management

    Highly flexible and secure User Management and Permissions system

  • Easy backup and revision control

    Create backups or restore from previous version with a single click

  • Customizable structure with unlimited number of levels

    Structuring of documents can be customized to match your desired workflow

  • Powerful search options

    CIMCO MDM provides advanced search options that can be fully customized

  • Automated processes

    Automate workflow processes based on document status changes

  • CIMCO MDM Web Client for mobile devices

    Acces CIMCO MDM and manage documents from a mobile device

  • Integrates with existing software and hardware

    Integrates with all of your existing software applications and machines