Setting up an Account for the DNC-Max Service

The main difference when running DNC-Max as a service is related to Windows security. As mentioned previously the service is logged on to the computer with its own login and password (account). So in order to run DNC-Max as a service, you need to specify the account that the service should use to log on to the local computer, and possibly the network.

If DNC-Max is not using any network drives (i.e. transmitting files located on another server), you can start the service using the System Account. If you are going to use the system account, you can skip the remaining part of this section.

If you have removed the System Account from the file permission on any local drives that DNC-Max should access, you must use another account.

The service account is a regular user account on the local computer. You can use either an existing account, or create a new account to run the DNC-Max service. If the computer is part of a domain, make sure that the account is also defined on the domain controller. If the computer is not part of a domain, the account must be defined on all the computers that share network drives used by DNC-Max.

Make sure that the account you have created/selected has permission to access all the drives (including local drives) that are used by DNC-Max.

If DNC-Max is accessing any Novell Netware resources, make sure that the specified user also exists on the Novell Netware server, and has the appropriate access rights.

When you have completed the account setup you are ready to install the service.

The DNC-Max service is installed and controlled using the DNC-Max Service Manager. The service manager is described in the next section.