Remote Request

Remote Request dialog

When the DNC server is receiving a NC program from the CNC, auto receive is used to determine the name of the file, and the directory where the file should be saved.

Example: If the DNC is configured to look for a program name at the beginning of the file, in the format Oxxxx, where xxxx is the program name, and it receives the following NC program:

Then it would extract the program name, in this case 1234, and format the filename to something like: $DATA\PRG1234.NC.

You can have several different auto receive sets, each set with different parameters for program name extraction, filename creation, destination directory etc.


Enable remote requests

Use this field to enable the remote request feature. Remote request is used to automatically send files to the DNC, when receiving a small program containing information about which program should be sent. You must configure one or more remote request sets to activate this feature.


Scan filename

Check this field if the auto receive name should be extracted from the name of the file and not the contents of the file.


Max scan lines

Use this field to specify how many lines DNC-Max should scan for remote request.

Example: If you specify a value of 5, only the first 5 lines received will be scanned for remote request triggers



Found in set

This field shows the name of the set that found a valid program name in the test data entered above.


Destination name

This field shows the program and path extracted from the test data entered above.