Running a License Server

In CIMCO Software V8, the Network License Server has been rewritten and integrated into the new product, the Software Manager.

The Software Manager is intended to become the central control panel for all service programs in the software suite.

When using the License Server, the customers can install the CIMCO products listed below, on as many computers as they wish. However, only the licensed number of products can run at the same time. This is also known as a floating licensing, concurrent licensing or network licensing.

The License Server works with the following products:

Unlike the old one (V7 and earlier), more than one License Server can be installed on a network. Each License Server can run a different license key file (e.g. several plants with different licensing connected through VPN), or the same license key file (e.g. as a backup server)

The License Server runs as a Windows Service, and does not require that a user is logged in on the computer. The License Server will automatically start when the computer is started.

A special network license key file is needed to run the License Server. The License Server does not work with regular CIMCO key files.

The License Server cannot run in demo mode.