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CIMCO products are sold through our global network of Authorized CIMCO Resellers. To provide the best service and support we encourage you to contact a local reseller in your area before contacting CIMCO directly. Please contact us If unable to find a reseller.

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International Office

Vermundsgade 38A, 3
2100 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 45 85 60 50
Fax: +45 45 85 60 53

North American Office (US, Canada & Mexico)

CIMCO Americas, LLC
1980 N Atlantic Ave Ste 229
Cocoa Beach, FL  32931


Tel: 704 644 3587
Fax: 704 943 0514

About us

CIMCO is a leading provider of software and solutions for Computer Integrated Manufacturing. We offer a range of products that help you optimize your CNC workflow, such as advanced CNC-Editors, DNC software for reliable CNC communication, Manufacturing Data Collection for real-time monitoring and analysis of shop floor productivity, and Production Data Management for managing, controlling and securely storing all production related data.

We have a global network of CAD/CAM/CNC resellers and consultants who deliver our software solutions to customers worldwide. Together we have sold more than 100,000 licenses globally. Since 1991, we have been helping companies improve their competitive edge with our software, and we are committed to developing intelligent and competitive solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Our headquarters and main training facility are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where our sales and support team operates from. Our technical service staff travels worldwide and has local offices in select countries.

Customer References

CIMCO provides software solutions to customers worldwide and across a broad range of industries. Please contact us for a list of customers in your industry and region.

Interested in becoming a CIMCO reseller?

At CIMCO we are always looking to expand our global network of resellers and Solution Providers. If you are talented and interested in becoming an Authorized CIMCO Reseller, please contact us for more information.


Please contact us if you need logos, images or have any marketing related questions. We also have marketing materials available for resellers in the Reseller Area.