CIMCO A/S has been present on the Chinese market since 2003, primarily through resellers.

Main office

Ma Jing

Tel: +86 13681249313

Authorized Resellers in China


Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Xi’an BOSTAR Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xi’an, Shaanxi

Customer References

Among our customers in China are the following companies:

ABB (JiangMen) CO., LTD.
Alstom Beizhong Power (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Beijing ChangZheng Aerospace Control Engineering Co., ltd.
Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Instruments
Beijing Power Machinery Institute
Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory
Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd
Capital Aerospace Machinery Corporation
Chang’an Automotive Group
Changchun Automobile Industrial Institution
Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.
ChangChun University Of Technology
Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing Co., Ltd
China Academy of Space Technology (Xi’an)
China Aviation Optical-Electrical Technology Co., Ltd
China First Heavy Industries Group
China Hualu Matsushita AVC Co., LTD.
China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks Co., Ltd.
China Jianzhong Nuclear Fuel Corporation
China Jiliang University
China National Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.
China North Industries Jianglu Machinery Group Corp.
China North Nuclear Fuel Corporation
Chongqing Hongyu Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Jianshe Group
Chongqing Tiema Industry Group Co., Ltd.
CSC Bearing Co., Ltd.
Dalian Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.
Dongfang Steam Turbine Works
General Electric Energy (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Aerospace Fenghua Precise Equipment Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Aerospace Nanhai Science Technology Co., Ltd
Guizhou Aerospace Pipeline Fabrication Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Aerospace Precision Products Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Aerospace Tianma Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Aerospace Wujiang Electro-Mechanical Equipmen
Guizhou Honglin Machinery Corporation Ltd.
Guizhou Jinjiang Aviation Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Liyang Aero-Engine Corporation
Guizhou Liyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd.
Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) Co., Ltd.
Henan Aerospace Precision Machining Co.,Ltd.
Honda Manufacturing Technology (China) Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia First Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
JiangXi Vocational And Technical College Of Electricity
Kingdream Public Limited Company
Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Co., Ltd.
Nanchang Institute Of Aeronautical Technology
Nanjing Engineering Institute Of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng, AVIC I
Ning Xia Kocel Group Co.,Ltd.
Northwestern Polytechnic University
REX (Xuzhou) Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Aerospace Navigation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Baocheng Aviation Instruments Co., Ltd.
Shandong University
Shanghai Aerospace Equipments Manufacturer
Shangxi Jianghuai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanxi North Huifeng Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd.
ShenYang Aircraft Corporation
Shenyang Liming Aero-engine Group Corporation Ltd.
Sichuan Engineering Technical College
Sichuan Fanhua Aviation Instrument & Electrical Factory
Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (Huludao) Co., Ltd.
Taiyuan Aero-Instruments Co., Ltd.
The 518th Institute No.5 Academy of China Aerospace
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Shanghai
University of Jinan
Xi’an Aero-Engine Controls Co., Ltd.
Xi’an Aviation Brake Technology Co., Ltd.
Xi’an Space Engine Factory
Xuzhou Rothe Erde Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.
Yuxin Aviation Environmental Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Aviation Facilities Corporation
Zunyi Jingxing Space Appliance Co., Ltd.